What exactly is data governance? Is there any prospect

After the digital China construction plan, the two sessions determined the plan for the institutional reform of the State Council and established the National Data Bureau. The circle of friends has been swiped by data people. This may be regarded as a highlight moment for data people. Recently, fans have also asked about the job prospects of data governance. Is it necessary to take the DAMA certificate for data governance? Today, I will spend some time talking about data governance. What exactly is data governance? Is there any prospect 01 What exactly does data governance mean? controlled the water because of floods, which harmed people’s livelihood. He built dikes and dams to divert rivers, and he also had to prevent problems before they happened.

High efficiency

Baidu Encyclopedia defines data governance as a set of management behaviors involving the use of data in an organization. Therefore, understanding the work involved in the data usage process can more accurately understand what data governance refers to. What exactly is data Iceland Phone Number List governance? Is there any prospect To build a digital China, we must first solve the problem of data, that is, data infrastructure. Even if there is no data or no data collection, the superstructure will have no foundation, and it is all empty talk. The second is whether the data is accurate, that is, the quality problem. The data is dirty and messy, and the wrong data brings wrong decision-making guidance. It is better to have no data to beat the head.

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The third stage is efficiency. If you want to analyze the data, you have to wait for ten days and half a month, and the time limit for decision-making has passed. Finally, there is cost. The winter has not yet passed. The essence of enterprise digital transformation is to rely on data to reduce costs and increase efficiency. However, if the data team’s personnel and assets themselves become the bulk of the cost, it is definitely not a long-term solution. What exactly is data governance? Is there any prospect Therefore, all relevant development Iceland Phone Number List work or the construction of data product tools around these four major goals is the category of data governance. For example, in order to obtain data, it is necessary to formulate data collection processes and specifications. Collection, offline by sensor or other data import. 02 Scope of work and main responsibilities of data governance.