My side job is selling camping equipment in Xuanwu earning 30,000 yuan

In the past few days the camping equipment purchased by Tian Wei has arrived one after another. She told Times Finance that she will start her first camping this weekend. “I spent 2 days choosing equipment two chairs a table a cart and a canopy. It cost more than 1,700 yuan. I don’t plan to live outside for the time being.”  I just want to buy some food to sit outside and I will slowly buy tents and picnic tools.” Like Tian Wei, there are not a few young people who want to go camping this spring. According to data from Maiduan and Damping during the two weeks from the end of February. To the beginning of March the search volume for the term “camping” increased. By 450% year-on-year and the number of notes increased by about 300%. The staff of a campsite in Guangzhou told. Times Finance that after the beginning of spring.

Selling camping equipment as a sideline business, earning over 1,000 yuan a day

Campsite orders increased significantly. They entered this industry last year, targeting high-end and exquisite campsites. There are 15 campsites in an area of ​​6,000 square meters, all of which are fully booked this Saturday. The orders of the camping equipment foundry are also increasing. A boss revealed to Times Finance that due to too many orders. The market has already experienced a shortage of raw India Phone Number List materials and accessories. It is worth noting that with the increase of camping companies and players becoming more and more professional, the camping market has ushered in a wave of low-key price wars. 1. Selling camping equipment as a sideline business, earning over 1,000 yuan a day For campers, sky screens, folding tables and chairs, small carts, etc. are all basic equipment, but their prices are not cheap.

The factory orders increased, and the supply of raw materials was in short supply

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The price of a folding chair from Snow Peak, a well-known Japanese outdoor brand, is as high as more than 1,000 yuan. In comparison, the leading domestic brand Nike only costs more than 200 yuan. , also need to spend more than 3000 yuan. In 2022, the domestic camping market is still in a stage of brutal growth, with chaotic commodity pricing and large profit margins. As a three-year outdoor camping player, Chen Nina, who took the sale of camping equipment as his sideline last year, was deeply moved. He told Times Finance  BY Lists that in the past two years, he often went out alone. Last year, he felt that there were more and more people going camping around him, but he really felt the popularity of camping from an experience of selling equipment. In April last year, Chen Nina helped a friend post a post on the sale of second-hand camping equipment on Xuanwu, and the Xuanwu account received more than 100 inquiries the next day.