Is Alipay still a national app?

Jiu Qian Zhongdu data shows that even in an annual drama like. “Jiwufu” users only spend 10 minutes on Alipay every day. The sound of the next door is 11 times that of it and another green chat software is 8.6 times that of it. Such a comparison is not fair after all Alipay is only a payment tool. But it is clear that Alipay has always had a dream before to turn itself into a super. APP and many businesses related to payment scenarios. In the Ali department are installed in it. Over the past few years, AutoSaved seems to be replacing Alipay’s position, and Ali’s business has lower expectations for Alipay. Therefore when the word-of-mouth business was merged into AutoSaved. Eel me became free to adjust the C position on. Alipay’s homepage, and Alipay was also full of anxiety.

Can Alipay really leave Taobao?

The user’s online time and traffic to decline. Video, a payment app is using its old body to run into walls everywhere. “Alipay is pushing the NBA hard, and we can’t  it internally.” In early March, a female employee of Ant  to Lu Jiu Business Review. In fact, Alipay, which has been  for more than 2 years due to the Italy Phone Number List postponement of listing, seems to have been doing nothing: blockchain, digital collection NFT has nothing to do with ordinary users; things like Ant Forest and Ant Manor are only  by particularly boring users. Think of active clicks; because of the rise of short videos and live broadcasts, the online e-commerce business similar to Doujin live broadcasts actually overlaps with Taobao.

 Alipay got the super APP disease

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Alipay, amid traffic anxiety, chose to use short videos, live broadcasts and other content methods to find new traffic pools. However, the practice of “opening live broadcast in the bank APP” is undoubtedly contrary to its previous tool positioning. After “cutting seats” with Ali, can you keep your position as a national-level app by only relying on payment traffic to “do the dojo”? 01 Alipay bill is actually shorter than Maiduan Once, as the second growth BY Lists curve of Jack Ma’s business empire, Alipay evolved into Ant Financial. As the core product of the world’s largest unicorn company, Alipay has always been the APP with the second largest number of users under Ali. However, with the birth of WeChat Pay, Alipay’s good days came to an end, followed by years of decline, but there is no doubt that Alipay did not continue to admit defeat, they have been struggling, but struggling The ending is tragic.