From the live broadcast of bitter dramas to the “free” storytelling machine

Aging is a natural and helpless thing I thought that. when I was old I could enjoy the slow time quietly. But I didn’t expect to become the sweet pastry in the eyes of liars. This year’s 315 Gala exposed such a social phenomenon. In the live broadcast room many anchors called themselves “sons”  “sad dramas” and “family members” one. By one inducing the elderly to place orders to “buy magic medicine”. In fact these “miracle medicines” are ordinary foods such as solid drinks and compressed sugar tablets. But in the anchor’s absurd and bizarre storyline. They transform into doubles in price. Coincidentally in addition to the live broadcast of the bitter drama the 315 party also exposed that unscrupulous. Pharmaceutical companies gave free storytelling machines to the elderly.

Why are the elderly always easy to be

In fact, there was a scam of sky-high prices hidden in the storytelling machines. The elderly are really miserable. Not only are they  of traffic, they are also  of money and relationships, and even more seriously, they even endanger their health. So why this year’s scammers always stare at the elderly to cheat. The middle game of the Mexico Phone Number List live broadcast: “sons” trick. The elderly into buying magic medicine “All parents call home and get a reply from the comment. Section” “Mom and Dad the little yellow car below is just trying to  up your hands. Blow it up for me!” “Tomorrow night at  my son will live broadcast on time. And I, Gao Lang, will do things for the common people!” The anchor who claims to be his son is called “Gao Lang”. In his live broadcast room, he can often be seen with a righteous and awe-inspiring appearance.

 “Free” storytelling machine: hidden “sky-high price” magic drug scam

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He seems to help people resolve disputes and mediate family conflicts, but in the end he can get all kinds of ” “miracle medicine” and sold it to the elderly who watched the live broadcast. In fact, the anchors of multiple accounts including “Xiao Zhang Shoo Shi”, “Ma Hong Liang”, “San Bao Ma”, “Fang Ming Kuai Blind Date” and “Jun An” are familiar with this routine. It is obviously an ordinary food, but the anchors use fabricated storylines to claim that the BY Lists product has miraculous effects. For example, in a live broadcast of Xiao Zhang Talking about Things in February 2023, the anchor Xiao Zhang said that his own sister and brother-in-law had done something bad. He came to the anchor’s house to make trouble, and defrauded a box of products from Grandpa Zhang. This box of products is not an ordinary medicine, but a special medicine that can treat the lungs.