Long-term and near-term concerns of new and old merchants on Taobao

It is easier to conquer the country than it is to defend the country. This sentence is most suitable for Taobao e-commerce. In the past ten years, Taobao e-commerce has created an era. Taking the shelf e-commerce as the model and the fulfillment platform as the form, it completes the connection between merchants and consumers. Then, based on the huge number of users of t C-end consumers, it will continue to attract midstream merchants in the industry chain to settle in, and then feed back C-end users again with the increase in the scale of merchants, and finally build a strong e-commerce model. But now the advantages of this e-commerce model are gradually being smoothed out.

New merchants cannot make money

From the perspective of the C-end, the current ceiling of domestic Internet user growth has arrived. Under the competition of existing users, “buy small items to Pinduoduo, and large items to has increasingly become the inner thoughts of many users. The live broadcast e-commerce represented by Doujin, relying on the “time = transaction” approach, broke into the sinking market that and Taobao e-commerce have always wanted to with Netherlands Mobile Number List Taoxianda,  enter. From the perspective of the B side, whether it was the large withdrawal of Taobao merchants in the past, it has made Pinduoduo later. It is still the case that Taobao live streaming e-commerce is monopolized by top anchors, the traffic of small and medium-sized businesses is too low, and transaction costs are increasing. They all show that the attractiveness of Taobao e-commerce to merchants is facing new challenges.

The old merchants are in whether to stay or stay

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Under the enemy’s back and forth Taobao’s e-commerce companies have also changed from “defense” to “offensive”. Provide richer forms of consumption through three strategies of live. Broadcast private domain and content and strengthen user stickiness and duration. Continue to improve the cost performance of products through clear “price power”. Through local supply and local logistics performance cooperate. Taocaicai etc. to BY Lists meet the immediate demand for high-frequency rigid needs. This is the goal proposed by Zhang Yong at Ali’s third-quarter financial report conference call last year. The goal seems to be very clear, but after communicating with many. Taoist merchants we found that the life of many old and new merchants on. Taoyuan e-commerce is not easy and it has become more and more difficult in the past two years.