The world of short videos should not be like this

The emotional anchor in the live broadcast room is simply “powerful”. “The child did not call the police when he was kidnapped, but went to the live broadcast room to connect with the anchor” “The nanny and father were ambiguous, and the son went to the live broadcast room to seek justice” “The house and land at home were demolished, and the village chief bargained on the spot” “The anchor was so tired of mediating conflicts that he was hospitalized, so he played a live broadcast in the ward to mediate conflicts”  From the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law to the cheating of a partner, from debt problems to land disputes, there is nothing that an emotional anchor can’t solve in one live broadcast, or two if it doesn’t work.

Community supervision should increase punishment

If the “family members” encounter any difficulties, the “fake sons” can immediately “hold a court on the spot” for you. As for whether there will be a sequel. It mainly depends on the order rate of the live broadcast. If the order rate is relatively high, then add another one. The fake sons in the Oman Phone Number List live broadcast room will act, sell miserably, and care for the elderly, and at the same time, at the right time, they will take out the magic medicine that they accidentally obtained in the process of doing good deeds. The so-called magic medicine is just some pressed candy. It’s some pastries, but it can fool the old people on the other side of the phone to simply pay. But the love of the old people has long been unconsciously transformed into a part of the gray industry.

 Who plays the “fake son” in the live broadcast room?

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Behind these accounts is a gray industrial chain integrating scripts, performances, products, sales and even fraud. Every heartbeat of elderly fans will be transformed into real money in this chain. But the most puzzling thing is that this chaos is nothing new. Numerous netizens and media have exposed the same routine many years ago, but so far, this kind of anchor who relies BY Lists on selling miserably, writing scripts, and selling fake products is still there. It’s popular. 01 Who plays the “fake son” in the live broadcast room? If it weren’t for 3.15, perhaps many people would not know until now that those “fake at a glance” stories would be so sought after by parents. The so-called “false at a glance” refers to the live broadcast of bitterness that is exactly the same.