Being named on 3.15 the cracked version of the APP is really

This year’s 315 Gala revealed a lot of chaos, such as flavored rice, rotten olive vegetables, live broadcast of bitter drama fraud, online trolls and so on. Among them, many old stories about rotten sesame seeds were brought up again, such as the flavored rice that was reported on 315 in 2010, and the Internet trolls that were just exposed on 315 last year. There is also something closely related to us, “cracked version of APP stealing mobile phone information”, which scared Beige into a cold sweat . 315 roll call! This app is finally cool Friends in the Android camp, who dares to pat his chest and guarantee that he has never touched the cracked version or modified version.

The thief hiding in the mobile phone

Haven’t installed unofficial channels, apps from unknown sources? I’m afraid that one out of ten people may not be able to find such a good student, after all, the cracked version is really fragrant. Watch premium movies for free, listen to member music for free, download network disk resources Sweden Phone Number List with unlimited speed… Where can I find such a conscientious APP in the whole world. Their appearance saves the white whoring party hundreds of thousands of yuan in membership fees a year. Who can resist such a temptation. 1. The thief hiding in the mobile phone Gulden tells us: enjoy the convenience, must pay the price. 315 Information.

 Stealing personal privacy is more than just cracking the APP

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Security Test technicians tested the cracked versions of more than ten mainstream  and found that they would steal personal information quietly. For example, this Youkan cracked version, compared with the official genuine version, it can watch member videos for free, but it embeds  BY Lists additional roll call! This app is finally cool Photo source  Once we use the  the  can steal mobile phone information, such as  phone cards, regardless of changing mobile phones or Mainstream APPs generally embed a large number of SDKs, so as to avoid development costs to implement certain functions, such as payment, third-party login, behavior analysis, information collection, advertisement push, path tracking, etc. changing numbers, the black hands behind the scenes can accurately lock us, track the situation in real time, and look for opportunities to cash in.