After Doujin grabs the wine tour and Maiduan still want

Traditional platforms such as and other live show shows are also a little bit “cold”. Diversified content such as lion dance, redefines the live broadcast of the show. When the live broadcasting trend comes, thousands of broadcasts will compete on the same stage. After the whole live broadcasting trend is over, what new stories can the show live broadcast tell? 01 Streamlined platform, solid anchor When the show live broadcast was just emerging, the Internet was in the era of traffic, and the threshold for anchors was low. The early show anchors mainly relied on their appearance, singing and other talents to interact with fans, and they could attract a large number of fans to brush gifts and rewards. shared with the platform.

 Broaden the boundaries and fully cover Maiduan

Judging from the operating model of the live broadcast of the show, the live broadcast of the show establishes a connection between the anchor and fans, focuses on socializing with strangers, and earns reward income. In order to stimulate users to reward the anchors and increase the profit Switzerland Phone Number List income of the platform, major live broadcast platforms will also hold a live PK ranking competition ceremony every year. The platform will provide traffic and cash rewards to the anchors who win the PK ranking champion. It will even support the anchor to participate in the invitation of film and television.

Doujin’s family history: continuous penetration into consumer life

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In order to earn rewards, increase popularity and exposure, the anchors have tried their best to perform their talents on the stage, and use various methods to solicit votes for themselves. It is reported that YY’s well-known anchor ranked champion and earned fans. After tens of millions of rewards, I also invested more than 20 million, and the total amount distributed by YY to guilds and anchors in 2017 reached 5.6 billion. In the eyes of the outside world, the BY Lists anchors of the live broadcast of the show are glamorous every day. In the eyes of the outside world, the anchors of the live broadcast of the show are glamorous every day. They can easily make money by singing and dancing in the live broadcast room. This emerging profession is therefore very attractive to young people.