​315 nights live broadcast with goods all night sleepless

This year’s 315 has been endowed with more significance in terms of boosting. Current consumer confidence and safeguarding consumer interests. Specific to the Internet field this year’s 315 focused on issues such as “live streaming. Scripts of bitterness” “free storytelling machines” and “network trolls” pointing. To the live streaming industry especially to protect the interests of middle-aged and elderly consumers. It is worth noting that this year’s 315 did not directly name large companies. But blurred the name of the platform. Focusing more on industry chaos The Internet companies that were not involved were happy to sleep.

Information security there are still many loopholes

Although the Internet companies that were involved were not directly named. They also knew that they were talking about themselves. And they were already stepping up rectification! 01 Live broadcast of bitter drama, harvesting the elderly Don’t let your parents’ hard-earned money be Azerbaijan Phone Number List cheated by bloggers of “bitter drama”! At this year’s 315 party, CCTV exposed the scam of defrauding the sympathy and trust of the elderly through a series of ups and downs and outrageous false plots on the live broadcast platform, and cutting the leeks of the elderly. According to the report, these bloggers usually resolve disputes, struggle between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and do things for the common people.

Chaotic live broadcast navy

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After writing scripts and actors performing them, they sell medicines and other products in a timely manner. For example, a blogger named said in his live broadcast room and video that he sent his sister and brother-in-law to prison with righteousness, and her sister’s mother-in-law came to BY Lists make trouble at home after learning about it. . In a live broadcast, this “mother-in-law” came to and  a box of things pretending to be a waste collector, and then a person who to be a tumor doctor from nowhere said that the box Stuff is a special drug for treating tumors. With this, snatched this box of “special medicine” from “mother-in-law”, and logically began to bring these “special medicines”.

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