Anxious to decouple from Tumu why Pinduoduo?

Recently according to a report from Leafing Pinduoduo organizational. Structure is undergoing adjustments. Except for the B-end team related to commodities and merchants in Guangzhou. The rest of the teams are doing IM segmentation. Including some teams of Tumu. In January 2023 Pinduoduo senior management discussed this matter. But at present the company’s senior management hopes that. The team will land as quickly as possible. It is an exaggeration to say that the teams in Shanghai have to complete the data isolation from Pinduoduo within a few days. At present, Pinduoduo has a dedicated team busy with this matter. The youth of the public account maker also recently broke the news that Pinduoduo is splitting up with Tumu.

person close to Tumu told Yilin Business

The splitting is in charge of Pinduoduo core executive Gu Pinging (nickname Abu). At present, some employees can’t be found in knock. However, at this stage, it is only the shell splitting, and the manpower is still delivered by Pinduoduo. In this regard, Pinduoduo has not made any public response. Subsequently, Yilin Business also confirmed Japan Phone Number List from multiple sources that Pinduoduo is splitting up with Tumu. Tumu will go live in the US in September 2022. As Pinduoduo domestic user growth is approaching the ceiling, cross-border e-commerce business has gradually become the new strategic focus of Pinduoduo, and Pinduoduo has placed high hopes on it. According to public information, Gu Pinging, the COO of Pinduoduo and the formed paste mature operating experience in the new battlefield instead of absorbing experienced talents from the outside. Tumu also lived up to expectations.

Employees under development 

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After it was in the United States, it quickly  to the first place in the US iOS APP Store. Anxious to decouple from Tumu, Pinduoduo is afraid Since then, Tumu’s average daily downloads have  to rise, and it was listed as the number one free app on Google play on December 29 last year. In January of this year, Tumu once again BY Lists topped the US iOS APP Store list, and has maintained the number one position for a long time. According to Sensor Tower data, as of March 2023, Tumu has more than 50 million registered users and 20 million active users, and its monthly turnover has reached 1 billion US dollars, surpassing the established fast fashion brand Sheen. At the same time, Tumu is also accelerating its global expansion. It entered Canada in mid-February, entered the Australian and New Zealand markets in March, and will enter the British market on March 25.

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