Behind the price war: the survival game that e-commerce cannot escape

Starting from March when you open the app the 10 billion subsidy. Area will appear on the homepage. Bright red and bright almost making people mistakenly think that they have entered. Another e-commerce platform Especially after entering the tens of billions subsidy channel. The first thing users see is the “classic” tens of billions of subsidized. products-iPhone iPad and other Apple hardware. Which makes it even more confusing. In the elevator rooms of office buildings in Beijing and other first-tier cities. Billion subsidy” advertisement also used elevator. Advertisements to continue to virally brainwash the workers.

A subsidy of tens of billions is really a price war

It’s just an advertisement for tens of billions of subsidies. It takes a while to understand which platform it is from. Compared with e-commerce shopping festivals such as Double Eleven and 618, the “10 billion subsidy” may not be as favorable as the e-commerce shopping festival, but it Cayman Islands Phone Number List  means that the price war between platforms has already started. This is because all products that enter 10 billion subsidy channel, whether they belong to self-operated or POP (third-party sellers settled in, require the price not to be higher than the same product on the competing product platform, otherwise, double compensation will be paid. consumer.

The price war is only a partial war

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Therefore the shopping festival can be said to be the e-commerce platforms unite to earn money from consumers, and the tens of billions of subsidies are really cost-effective for consumers: several major BY Lists e-commerce platforms compare and offer products at lower prices. On the surface, it is a price war. What is worried about? Selected pages of 10 billion subsidy In people’s original impression, a considerable number of  consumers do not value “low prices” and “subsidies”: if you want to buy cheap goods, there are plenty of them on other platforms. What they really value is the quality assurance of the products represented by self-management, combined with the services of JD Logistics.

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