Can the “lowest price” save the e-commerce platform?

Price wars may become the highlight of e-commerce platforms this year. And become the first means to acquire and retain users in the stock era. According to a recent report by Yuban, Kuaishou e-commerce is preparing for a “new mall”. It will start attracting investment in February this year. And will launch it to users on a large scale in March. In addition to the need to compare prices when first registering. For the products participating in this event. Price comparisons also need to be done in a fixed. period after the review is passed.

The price war has become the “life-saving straw” of the e-commerce platform?

The scope of off-site price comparisons is the lowest in the entire network. It is not difficult to understand that Kuaishou has this action. At present, when e-commerce platforms have entered the era of stock competition, the business of major e-commerce platforms has already fallen Belarus Phone Number List into a bottleneck trend, and the growth rate of Pinduoduo and Doujin e-commerce is still considerable. According to industry data, the GMV of e-commerce in 2022 is 8 trillion yuan for Alibaba, down 1.47%; is 3 trillion yuan, down 8.81%; Pinduoduo is 3 trillion yuan, up 22.95%; 75%; Kuaishou e-commerce 0.7 trillion, an increase of 7.69%.

Preparing for a new mall, Kuaishou re-raised the “lowest price”

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Therefore, in response to the battle of e-commerce, each platform has to quickly come up with countermeasures. Kuaishou made efforts in the mall, re-promoted the “lowest price”, launched tens of billions of subsidies, and Alibaba set “price power” as one of Taobao’s five major BY Lists strategies for this year’s development… It can be seen that there is a continuous increase in shelf e-commerce and content e- commerce . In the process of mutual learning and penetration, “low prices” are also  as a breakthrough in competition , but can low prices really stimulate users’ consumption enthusiasm and repurchase rate.

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