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help him with an issue. The 10 or 15 minutes of time your partner asked for turns out to be closer to an hour. You feel good that you helped, but you also feel bad that you could have used that time on something important that you needed to complete. Now you are further behind and you feel guilty. plan tasks A few minutes later, your boss makes a request by email because he needs urgent work and, by not saying no, you lose another hour of your work, which was your main task. How do I end these types of situations? Learn to say ‘no’ firmly, gracefully, tactfully

If That Urgency or Importance Is for

and without guilt because constantly saying yes to everything is unhealthy and causes unnecessary stress. ‘NO’: HOW SUCH A SIMPLE WORD CAN TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE The habit of taking on more commitments than you can keep harms your relationships and your physical and mental health, including your stress level. Learn to feel comfortable saying no in a direct and elegant way, rejecting the proposal and not the person who makes it. ALWAYS SAYING ‘YES’ TO OTHERS MEANS YOU WILL HAVE LITTLE TIME FOR YOURSELF Knowing when to  business database    say yes and when to say no creates a healthy balance in life. “When you have a hard time saying no and don’t say anything, hesitate, or respond with a maybe, you are, in

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