Competing to create the first “domestic Chat GPT”, big manufacturers are fighting

In the beginning of 2023 Chat GPT is really popular and the big manufacturers. Are not idle and they have started the first wave of rapid deployment. From Microsoft Google, to Baidu HKUST Cunei Tencent   they have successively announced their business lines combined with Chat GPT. Among them, Baidu even placed high hopes on its “Chinese version” Chat GPT business at the just-concluded 2022 fourth quarter financial report meeting. However if the big manufacturers want to achieve the “Chinese version” of Chat GPT. They still need to face challenges in personnel reserves cash reserves and commercialization.

“Life-saving Straw” Chat GPT

Planning of the Chat GPT project. Xiaoguang Club learned from relevant personnel of Amimia that since February, various major companies have begun to “rob” Chat GPT-related talents on Amimia. When the major businesses of major manufacturers are Guatemala Phone Number List almost facing growth ceilings, will the story of Chat GPT become the next “Metaverse” bubble? Can the deployment of Chat GPT by major manufacturers bring potential revenue growth? 1. Big manufacturers, get in the car! After three years of silence, Chat GPT is bringing a “long drought with rain” opportunity for major manufacturers.

 Will Chat GPT be a “firework”?

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Leading technology and Internet companies have announced their “boarding” at an astonishing speed. Baidu, which is mainly engaged in search engines, has seized the “No. 1 candidate” position of China’s Chat GPT by relying on its natural attributes. As early as February 7, Baidu officially announced that it will create an artificial intelligence chat BY Lists robot service similar to Chat GPT, and name the project “Wen Xin Yi Yan”. It plans to complete the internal test in March and open it to the public. Then at Baidu’s fourth-quarter financial report meeting on February 22, Baidu even stated that it would integrate into all operating products and customer.

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