Disregarding customers and talking about ecology they are all hooligans To B ecological logic

Whenever the strong wind hits in spring Beijing. Will be full of “earth” and it is time for everyone to “eat earth”. The dusty weather makes the strugglers in this fast-paced city feel uncomfortable. In order to reduce the frequency of dust weather and reduce the severity of dust. protective forests have been built in the west of Beijing. Regarding the topic of sandstorm control. I once heard a person in the field of geographical environment. Say that sandstorms cannot be completely . why Sand and dust seem to be useless except. To add to the congestion of human beings.

 Ecological logic

In ecosystems, however, dust storms are also useful. When the dust rises with the wind and reaches high altitude, it becomes the condensation nuclei of rainwater, and is sent to other places along with the clouds and rain, bringing vitality. In a report released by the United Nations Environment Bahrain Phone Numbers List Program in 2020, it was mentioned that approximately 500 million tons of nutrients, minerals, organic and inorganic substances are transferred to the ocean through desert sandstorms (SDS) every year. Sexuality can have a range of impacts, including algal blooms, coral reef ecosystems, and more.

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The same is true of natural ecology, and the same is true of commercial ecology. In the business world of SaaS (cloud service), ecological governance of the “governance of sandstorms” has also appeared. Let me explain first that the cloud service ecology discussed here includes the BY Lists ecology of cloud service models such as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. For ease of understanding, we use SaaS as a representative. As early as the end of 2016, Cui was at the annual meeting in Mount Qingcheng, and the term “huddle together for warmth” appeared frequently in the conversations of SaaS entrepreneurs.

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