Does the short video platform need “anti-addiction”?

Behind the new round of anti-mobile phone addiction is the anxiety of entertainment apps. Indulging in short videos is becoming younger. Last weekend I went to a distant relative’s house as a guest. I chatted with their husband and wife for two hours and their 10-year-old child. Swiped his mobile phone for two hours next to him. Hearing the sound sometimes it was a live broadcast. And sometimes it was a funny short video . It wasn’t until I was about. To leave that his mother took his mobile phone and said. “The guests are leaving, and the mobile phone is reluctant to put it down.

The Era of Internet “Addiction”

When can you put down the mobile phone and read seriously.” I saw another post on the Internet today: It is recommended to completely stop providing online game services to minors. The god reply below was highly praised, “It doesn’t matter, the short video will be shot anyway . ” Does the short Austria Phone Number List video platform need “anti-addiction”? Children living in cities can still be restrained by their parents and control the time they spend playing with mobile phones, while left-behind children in rural areas are more addicted to short videos because their parents are not around for a long time .

“Press the gourd to float the scoop”

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In the past few decades, entertainment methods for left-behind children were quite scarce, but the only difference is that now there are smartphones, games and short videos. With the accelerated popularization of smart phones, the phenomenon of “mobile phone control” among left-behind children in rural areas is becoming more and more common. Mobile phones BY Lists have completely replaced “traditional” entertainment activities such as hopscotch, throwing sandbags, taking foreign paintings, and playing hide-and-seek. Recently, a survey titled “Investigation on Mobile Phone Addiction of Left-behind Children in Rural Areas and Countermeasure Suggestions” was on the hot search.

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