Doujin Group Buying Huge Traffic “Troubles” Offline Merchants

Since February Doujin’s local life service team has continued to expand and integrate and a considerable number of Byte. Employees have also voluntarily applied for transfers to this department. According to an employee of the local life service. Department told the power plant almost all the R&D personnel in the original real estate business Xingfuli were transferred to the life service department, leaving only a few people still maintaining operations. “The overall business direction has shifted from occupying the market to profit structure.” The source said.

Unable to bear the traffic

At the same time, the above-mentioned person said that in February, the food delivery business has fully launched the internal scale demand, including the scale of transportation capacity and the scale of settlement. It is reported that Doujin takeaway Canada Phone Number List was only a small-scale pilot before, and the first batch of pilot cities were only Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu. According to an insider close to Doujin, during the three-city pilot period, the daily GMV of Doujin’s food delivery was less than 2 million. On March 5, according to a report by Yuban Power, Doujin launched a takeaway service in 15 cities across the country. So far, it has covered about 18 cities across the country.

Certification service providers are a mixed bag

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But then, Doujin said that the new 15 cities are the pilot cities of the Doujin mini program. In fact, the pilot project a few months ago, and it is not newly . As early as February 7 Doujin clearly denied the plan to “launch. Food delivery BY Lists services nationwide on March 1″ and disclosed two pilot projects: mini-program and Doujin group-buying delivery. Since Doujin and announced their cooperation in August 2022. The two parties have been constantly exploring new scenarios for local life services. According to a byte employee who is close to Doujin’s food delivery business.

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