Douyin opened “individual stores” and collectively “fired” on Taobao

Leadership education does not know how to communicate. With colleagues and is considered to have low emotional intelligence. Emoticons can be used as workplace lubricants, and when appropriate, can better help us convey our emotions. But they also realize that it is safer to communicate with people of different. Ages and identities and express meaning in simple words. Below is their story. Make funny emoticons from photos of leaders and be criticized for not knowing. The rules of the workplace Xiao Chen  20-year-old practitioner in the education industry. When I went to my current company for an internship in the winter vacation this year. Once the leader and colleagues were chatting. Together in the office and I took a photo of a partner of the company.

 Jiangxi changed its “posture” to fight the sinking market again

Later, when I chatted with my colleagues, everyone thought the photo was so funny that it could be  as an emoji. Just do it, and I did it right away. In college, my classmates and friends often used photos to make emoticons to joke with each other. Maybe because I am a post-00s generation, young people would find it easier and more enjoyable to communicate with each Benin Phone Number List other through emoticons. I used a photo of my partner as an emoticon package. First, I felt that the other party knew the existence of this photo and was not  at the time. Secondly, I just think that this emoji will only be posted when a few colleagues are joking. So I didn’t think it was going to be serious at first. As a result, this emoticon package was  on to the big boss of the company. Unexpectedly, he would mind using the photo of the leader as an emoji.

Doujin Xiaodian reaches out to “individuals”‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

The boss is in his forties this year, and has always been serious and unsmiling. Our company’s work group has always had an unwritten rule, that is, to reply directly to text when there are questions, and to post as few emoticons as possible. Once, a colleague of ours posted a slightly funny emoji in the work group, and the boss asked him to have a conversation in private, thinking BY Lists that posting emoji in the work group was not formal and too casual. After seeing the emoticons I made, the boss called me and said he understood that I am still young and may not understand the rules and taboos in the workplace. He also said that I should not use photos of leaders as emoticons. Leadership disrespect.

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