Douyin wants to create another Meituan in 2025?

On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2023, the author went to a dinner with friends. At that time, the epidemic in Beijing had just passed its peak, but had already formed a long queue. During the meeting, a new friend mentioned that they are “helping the hotel to do vibrato”, and it is expected to grow rapidly. Now it is urgent to know more friends in the hotel industry. To put it simply, they are third-party service providers who contract with to provide services to hotels that want to make content and generate transactions. The basis for the existence of this type of business is that operating threshold is relatively high and relatively complicated.

In 2025, Doujin will recreate a Maiduan hotel and hotel tour?

Service providers can share the investment risks for hotel merchants, and carry out a series of operations such as talent exploration, content production, and streaming, and finally write off from the verification. The commission is withdrawn from the subsequent turnover. The reason why Bulgaria Phone Number List this friend is full of confidence is related to new local life service strategy in 2023. According to reports, Local Life’s turnover target for this year is close to 400 billion yuan, while last year they only achieved 90 billion yuan – another media said that Local Life’s turnover target for this year is 150 billion yuan, which was 770 billion yuan last year. 100 million.

Doujin is more suitable for merchants with high gross profit and strong operation

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Why is there such a difference? explanation later is: deliberately released a lower performance and goal in order to confuse . Another statistic is even more interesting. Securities estimates that in 2025, store-to-store GTV may reach 300 billion, which is half of that of the total revenue of store-to-store BY Lists advertising and commissions will reach 59 billion yuan, or will catch up with the business income of store-to-store, hotel and travel business . “heart is higher than the sky”: In 2025, create another to shop, hotel and travel? Securities predicts that the proportion of to store VV and the trailer rate will continue to increase.

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