E-commerce is deserted but offline is lively Why did Xiaohongshu split up?

A few days ago Cass tried to place multiple orders on Xiaohongshu. Sadly, most of the time the shopping experience is not pleasant. There are two main problems: first there is a big difference between the actual product received and the seller’s picture. Which seems to continue the “filter controversy” that has surrounded Xiaohongshu for a long time second. Rhe platform’s Compared with other platforms, the e-commerce infrastructure has a poorer experience, including but not limited to simple product detail pages, difficulties in logistics tracking and viewing, and difficulties in complaining and feedback to the platform. Looking back at the “chronology” of Xiaohongshu establishment of a closed-loop e-commerce.

Having developed e-commerce for many years, are you still planting grass after returning?

It can be traced back to December 2014, when the cross-border e-commerce platform “Welfare Society” was launched on the site. In the middle, in order to vigorously develop its own grass-planting community ecology, Xiaohongshu also “marginalized” the e-commerce business. However, the revenue data released by Xiaohongshu in 2020 shows that e-commerce France Phone Number List revenue only accounted for about 20% of the total revenue that year. E-commerce functions, the launch of the “Dandelion” platform, and the launch of the “integration of numbers and stores” mechanism, etc. At present, there is no public data to show you how fast Xiaohongshu e-commerce has developed in the past three years, but judging from the feelings.

Offline business in full swing

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Feedback of many Xiaohongshu users around you, the establishment of a closed-loop e-commerce platform may still have a long way to go. In stark contrast to the downturn in the official e-commerce business is the prosperity of the “private transaction” market for platform users. Cass observed that many individuals and businesses have imported BY Lists traffic into private domains on Xiaohongshu, and small businesses are in full swing. In addition, Xiaohongshu has also become a good carrier for many “offline businesses” that were difficult to complete in the past. In fact, an interesting phenomenon is that almost no one doubts the liquidity of Xiaohongshu, but Xiaohongshu always seems to be unable to make money? 01Having developed.

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