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Elevate Your Product Game Plan

In the universe of marketing, the Carpenter effect Endowment effect The endowment effect can prove to be particularly useful when it comes to showing products in use. And it also works with calls to action. “It is important to be visual,” Modemann stressed. Phrases that deliberately urge the consumer to take action (“Take the first step,” for example) are also very useful. 3. Mental accounting Mental accounting means that we have different.

Choose to put a Elevate Your particular purchase

Willingness to pay for certain products industry email list depending on the context in which we find ourselves and the “mental box” in which we choose to put a particular purchase. “Mental accounting mitigates the pain of paying,” Modemann said. And precisely for this reason, paying 4 euros for a beer at a gas station seems like an abuse, but we willingly pay it in a bar where we have met with our friends. Mental accounting can prove to be particularly useful for brands using the framing technique.

Endowment effect The endowment effect

A protein shake can be presented, for BY Lists example, as a mere food, as a product beneficial to health, as a supplement for athletes or as a lifestyle experience. 4. Endowment effect The endowment effect specifically refers to the emotional tendency to view an item as more valuable when we own that item. “We automatically attribute more value to things that belong to us,” Modemann noted. “And the longer we have owned something, the stronger this effect becomes,” he added.

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