Emoticon package pits people in the workplace

People in the workplace should use emoticons with caution. Many people don’t know yet that emoticons sent in daily chats may be regarded as “evidence in court”. Recently the Jiangsu Higher People’s Court issued. An article pointing out that the WeChat emoticons such as “Like”. “OK” and “Sun” that people use every day have been written. Into the court’s judgment and become “evidence” to support the court’s filing and review. As soon as the news came out it sparked discussions instantly and the topic also quickly appeared on. Weibo’s hot searches with more than 200 million views so far. Emoticons have already penetrated into our work and daily life.

Make funny emoticons from photos of leaders, and be criticized for not knowing the rules of the workplace

Many people in the workplace are also accustomed to using emojis to express their emotions, and even use some interesting and trendy emojis to show their personality and shorten the distance with others. But sometimes, because the two parties have different understandings of Belize Phone Number List motions across the screen, or because of differences in age, rank, and status, one party may misunderstand, ranging from “community death” on the spot, to serious conflicts. Five people in the workplace told Shen Ran about the embarrassing moments they got into because of the emoticons. Some of them were newcomers in the workplace.

Colleagues ridicule customers for being sexy, and mistakenly send obscene emoticons to large groups of customers

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Ignore the boundaries of the workplace, and mistakenly send emoticons mocking female customers to the work group, which is not only embarrassing, but also shows disrespect for others; In the work group, I accidentally added a “white-eyed” expression, which made my colleagues doubt my BY Lists sincerity. There are also people who used seemingly common emoticons in their articles, but received a letter from a lawyer, and the defendant asked for compensation for infringement, which caused a lot of trouble; surprisingly, some people were arrested because they didn’t like to use emoticons in the workplace.

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