Engage in live broadcasting and play in private domains

The tourism industry has finally waited for a spring moment. Hotels with full reservations, scenic spots with long queues, crowded night markets, busy streets and alleys… large and small tourist “destinations” are all preparing to welcome a large number of tourists. However, through exchanges with various merchants, destination scenic spots, and practitioners in the tourism industry chain, we are fully aware that it is far from being blindly optimistic. There are opportunities behind the increase in traffic and many new challenges. — Externally, the information environment is complex, and there are hidden variables that are difficult to detect in time; the trend is iterative quickly, and it is difficult to see the market clearly.

Internally players are scattered and different, and the business chain is long, making it difficult to recover and grow. Why? what to do? This article is the first article in the “Destination Business” series: “Live broadcasting and private domain play, outbound travel restarts non-stop”. We will also release more analysis and research on topics such as urban cultural tourism, online celebrity check-in places, hotels and homestays, small and medium-sized businesses, OTA platform management methods, outdoor/camping/off-roading, and look forward to bringing inspiration to practitioners. The entry and exit halls of many cities are crowded, the search volume of machine wine on major OTA platforms has increased several times.

Thailand’s fancy welcome to Chinese tourists has sparked heated discussions, celebrity bloggers’ overseas travel strategies are swiping the screen on short video platforms… press the restart button The popularity of outbound travel has been soaring all the way. According to financial report, in the fourth quarter of last year, the bookings of outbound air tickets and hotels increased by more than 200% and 140% year-on-year respectively, and the bookings of air tickets on international platforms increased by 80% year-on-year. At the earnings conference call, also shared a set of exciting data: in the first two months of this year, domestic air passenger traffic recovered to about 80% of the same period in 2019, and the average bookable revenue per room in the hotel industry has increased significantly in recent weeks.

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