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Further building its credibility. Point post release and report. The event has pass. Successful or not is not so important. The basis of post release and reporting to sponsors is mica content. Take care of this at the stage of announcing the event invite a photographer , videographer , journalist. Checklist of tips Publishing on thematic websites Publish photos and video reports about the event on thematic websites. Show them the main points of the event , its important participants , interactivity and surroundings this is the key to an excellent impression of the event for those who were not present at it.

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Posting on social mia networks Post photos and videos from. The event to the photo editing servies VKontakte and Instagram groups , tag people in the photos. Reviews Collect feback from participants on social networks and post them in your communities. Tell about the event in the words of its participants. This will generate interest in your future events and your company. Reporting presentation Prepare a reporting presentation for partners and sponsors , including results and plans. And don t let this be ask of you. Do it. This will help maintain and increase the desire to work with you at other events.

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Publication in the mia Prepare a press release. Fill with features BY Lists of the event and its main results. Tell us in it how great everything went. What you are planning next and send the release to the mica. A minute to brag In , we at. Friend Mia cover , events at Shrum Burgum with photographs , film videos from major concerts , festivals and shows , and wrote press releases. We are working We at Drumian have been implementing all stages of events since . We treat each stage separately with great care and see the whole picture.

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