HEYTEA goes to sea copying the next Michelle Ice City

Recently announced that it will gradually open franchise applications in multiple overseas cities and embrace global partners. Calculating the time, it has only been 4 months since  opened its domestic franchise in November last year. Just in February this year, Michelle Ice City opened its first overseas store outside of the Asian market. According to relevant media reports, the popularity of this Sydney store far exceeded expectations. During the warm-up period, the coupons alone sold more than 100,000 Yuan. Of course, the brand positioning and product prices of  and Michelle Ice City are very different.

The “unspeakable pain” of franchise business

Moreover Michelle Ice City has always focused on franchising, while  has always focused on direct sales, which also means that However, the “franchising road” that Michelle Qingcheng can go through is not necessarily easy for Hytera. However,  recent development pace is almost following the footsteps of Michelle Ice City. If it wants to “copy” Michelle Ice City, what Spain Phone Number List chance does have? 1. Is “going out to sea” the antidote for In fact, Nia Yuncheng, the founder of  publicly stated in the early days that he did not want to be a franchisee. For a long time after the establishment of has always regarded “direct marketing is more conducive to quality control” as a selling point.

The “Great Navigation Era” of New Tea Drinks

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From the actual effect,  product development and product quality are indeed well-known in the tea drinking industry. However, in recent years, the repeated epidemics and the persistently weak consumer market have had an impact on the tea market far beyond imagination, and  has to BY Lists bow to reality. It is the common choice of all new tea brands to develop into a sinking market. On the one hand, the market space of mid-to-high-end “Hytera” in first- and second-tier cities has become saturated, and everyone needs to find a “new battlefield” with larger space and lower cost; on the other hand, under the pressure of weak consumption, Consumers are more sensitive to prices, and the price reduction.

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