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Pattern, namely MVC. What would a more complete explanation of MVC look like? Please read the article carefully. Understanding MVC Model View Controller or what can. Be abbreviated as MVC is an architectural pattern . For creating an application by separating. The code into three parts consisting of: Model .  Manipulating and organizing the data in the database. View The section whose job is to display . Information in the form of a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Controller The part whose job is to connect and organize models.  Model View Controller flow After you know the explanation and components of MVC, now we will discuss the process flow of MVC.

The following is the process flow

Applications by separating the code into three parts, namely Model , View , and Controller . Because it has three parts that are related to each other, this view controller model has many advantages for application development and maintenance. What is MVC? Understand the Concept Well – end Also check out the following articles so you whatsapp database can broaden your knowledge. What is UML? Along with Definition and Examples 5 Best Programming Languages ​​to Learn in 2021 Difference between Coding and Programming Hey bro! On this occasion we will discuss pseudocode . Maybe pseudocode is a term that is already familiar to software developers. If you find it difficult to learn to write program code, you can start by using pseudocode. Even though it has the word “code” in it, it is not a programming language. Curious, right? Please read this article carefully! Understanding pseudocode The term pseudocode

Because it is divided into three parts

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writing code will be neater and make it easier for other developers to develop the code. Can carry out testing more easily. To ensure that all applications work according to plan. Testing or trial steps must be carried out. By using this view controller model, the testing. Process can be carried outBug or error fixes are quicker to complete. Using MVC can make it easier for developers BY Lists to fix errors or bugs that occur. Developers can focus on finding and fixing problems .  . Makes maintenance easier.   The script or code is neater and more structured . Making it easier for developers to process application maintenance. Conclusion How do you understand .

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