In addition to applying for a refund, Taobao customer service

During Double Twelve last year, You (pseudonym) bought a black sports top at the Nike flagship store on Tall. Unexpectedly, this dress priced at 199 yuan made her wait for 70 days. When she received the clothes, more than 20 days had passed since the platform automatically confirmed the receipt. In the days when the merchant did not deliver the goods. She communicated with the customer service many times and the feedback. She got every time was “help you record and help you urge”. But she was  every time. And the logistics information showed that it was still in the “waiting for collection” status. During this period, she also complained to the Taobao platform that the merchant made false shipments. Hoping that the merchant could deliver the goods sooner.

 “Ordinary users” rights protection is more tortuous

The platform quickly confirmed the facts, judged that the merchant’s complaint of false delivery was established, and paid her a red envelope, but the merchant still had no intention of delivering the goods. What makes her even more distressed is that in the process of communicating with the customer service of the Taobao platform, “applying for a refund” was repeatedly USA Phone Number List mentioned as a suggestion, but her request for delivery had nowhere to turn. “It’s obviously not a problem for consumers, why should consumers bear all this?” He asked again and again, “Shouldn’t consumers’ demands be taken seriously by the platform?” On the Sine black cat complaint platform, there are not a few consumers who have the same doubts as He you.

Human customer service or AI robot?

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As a shopping platform that bears the trust of consumers, it should have become a bridge between consumers and merchants. Fully listen to the demands of all parties in consumer disputes and make fair and considerate judgments. But in a series of complaints, she found that the customer service of Taobao platform was not able to do it, which BY Lists made her question: what happened to Taobao’s official customer service? 1. After experiencing four customer service personnel, the problem is still  During the entire complaint process, as a member of Taobao 88VIP, I  a total of 4 customer service personnel. On February 18, after inputting the appeal of “urging delivery” on the customer service page, a manual customer service with job number 026324 quickly responded.

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