In front of the mirror of GPT-4 the real loss is silent

Internet companies are surprisingly silent. Is it waiting for the leading brother to come out the next day to save face or it is more. Waiting for the big brother to come out and take over everything True loss is silent. To some extent the silence on GPT-4 is a kind of awareness of backwardness in all aspects. With the additional investment from Microsoft, the valuation of Open AI stands at 29 billion U.S. dollars. An artificial intelligence hard technology company founded. In 2015 breaking the The mainstream narrative of most Internet companies today. Whether it is “there is no room for innovation” or “insufficient resources for innovation”, or “hard. Technology is stuck”, these popular narratives have been falsified one by one in front of Open.

I miss those Internet people from 10 years ago

On the track of artificial intelligence semantic understanding, there is no substantial technical bottleneck. The logic of GPT is more of a technical belief, and the use of computing power Algeria Phone Number List for trial and error and brute force cracking. This couldn’t be more ironic: In what should be the best, most introspective, and most problem-solving track on the Chinese Internet—here, we have filed the most invention patent applications in the world. In the end, the American VC used the most direct method to drop ten meetings, and exploded a brand-new productivity tool that can subvert the entire technology track, making.

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True loss is silent

AI unicorns who are still struggling with the commercialization of service robots and face recognition afraid to look up. . This time, our Internet companies lagged behind in technology and concept, and even lost the mood to chase hot spots: no one dared to make their embarrassing expressions public, after all, no one wanted to say that the money was spent on BY Lists themselves The fact that those billions are being wasted. I miss those Internet people from 10 years ago. Ten years ago, the once high-spirited Internet practitioners, whether they were VCs or entrepreneurs, were full of enthusiasm, and everyone was actively mobilizing to focus their radar on Silicon Valley. In every coffee shop in Silicon Valley, there are Chinese investors.

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