Industrial Internet reshape the new “pattern” of quick-frozen food industry

There is such a proverb: No matter how big a pancake is it is not as big. As the pan it is  in. This sentence means: You can bake a big cake but no matter how big the cake you bake. It must be by the pan in which it is . The future we hope for is like this big pie. Whether we can make a satisfactory “big pie” depends entirely on the “pot” in which it is baked—this is the so-called “pattern.” Recently, due to some special reasons. I have been recuperating in a small county town 200 kilometers. Away from Beijing and 80 kilometers away from. Tianjin. Because I have always liked to eat finger cakes.

The Industrial Internet facilitates large-scale construction

I have been looking for the brand I have always liked in Supermarket and Supermarket, but unfortunately This brand does not deliver goods at all in this small county. I am surprised that a county in the Rim Economic Circle does not deliver goods. It must be how small the “pattern” of the Thailand Phone Number List frozen food industry is. How to break the situation and reshape a bigger pot to make a bigger pie in the frozen food industry has become a subject to be broken through. Compared with other food and beverage categories, quick-frozen food mainly meets the needs of high efficiency and convenience, saving time and cost, so it has strong functional attributes.

The key to breakthrough in the frozen food industry – scale

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Different regions in my country have different eating habits and unique cuisines, so the demand for quick-frozen food Scattered, multiple evaluation dimensions, and many SKUs, such as quick-frozen rice and noodle staple foods, prepared dishes, hot pot ingredients, quick-frozen  BY Lists seafood and aquatic products, quick-frozen desserts, etc. At present, the quick-frozen food industry can achieve full coverage of categories and SKUs, a wide distribution area, and complete cold chain logistics. The quick-frozen food brands that are not by the supply radius include.

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