It’s time for Bili Bili to quit “Doujin”

Seeing that Station B is becoming more and more aggressive in integrating short videos into products. Its management is trying to alleviate the “rejection” caused by this. Last week Station B held a 100-person UP master exchange meeting at its Shanghai headquarters. According to the self-media report, the core topic of the exchange meeting is: Station B is considering canceling the playback data displayed on the front desk, and changing it to “user consumption time” (not the completion rate) to measure the degree of video dissemination. The front-end and back-end of related changes have been developed, but the specific launch time has not yet been determined. In fact, whether it is the “loss-for-growth” strategy of station B or the way of displaying the playback volume at the front end of the video, it is the “correct”.

The situation is stronger than people, so there is no choice for station B?

Choice to follow the past market narrative. A kind of data worship: Many Internet companies blindly believe in scale and pursue expansion speed, which not only squeezes the normal pace of business growth, but also forces the industry’s competitive ecology to deteriorate. Today, the market’s “frenzy” for growth is gradually falling back to the importance of commercialization and profitability of the platform. The inertia of Station B is difficult to stop for a imbalance Hong Kong Phone Number List among while, but it seems to be going further and further down the “wrong” road. 1. The situation is stronger than people, so there is no choice for station B? Looking at it today, the second dimension is obviously difficult to support the ambitions of station B. Breaking the circle is inevitable. As Chen Rui said in an interview: “It is happy to have a small country with few people.

Learning Doujin at Station B, the more you learn, the more useless you become?

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But you will be killed by a strong ship if you are a paradise. “; but in the three years (2020-2022) when Station B actively breaks the circle, Chen Rui faces a trilemma: how to strike a balance between high-scale growth and high-quality growth, and maintain a good community and content ecology. healthy growth. Today, Story-Mode single-column BY Lists information stream short video content is becoming an important variable that causes the the three. Bili Bili’s thinking about making vertical-screen videos can be traced back to 2018, when short videos emerged. At that time, vertical-screen video scenes were mainly active in the dance area of ​​Bili Bili. motivation. Since then, the proportion of short content of 1 to 5 minutes has gradually increased, and there will be sporadic vertical screen videos in the recommended information flow. In mid-2020, Bili Bili began to test vertical screen playback, and continued to increase.

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