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Maiduan takes a taxi and retreats to advance?

From the perspective of “Mantis Watch” the strategic shift of Taxi has released. A very clear signal based on long-term development and real interests to rapidly promote business with a lower cost and lighter aggregation model. A reality is that the growth of the online car-hailing market is close to drying up. Stock operation is the current core direction. In such a market environment may be able to achieve better synergy. Between itself and the vertical ride-hailing platform if it abandons its self-operated business. 1. The market welcomes the aggregation model After the launch of Taxi, although the food, drink, and entertainment services have formed a closed-loop chain, one-stop service capability for local life has been strengthened.

The market welcomes the aggregation model

But it has also experienced the exploration from self-operated to self-operated aggregation mode. Now it is completely moving towards the aggregation mode, which is also the result of trying. During Didi’s safety review for more than a year, T3 and other platforms, used subsidy Cameroon Phone Number List strategies to seize the market window period in order to compete for a larger share. However, after the trial of “launching self-operated online car-hailing business in 37 cities within one month”, did not find more incremental growth, and thus slowed down the expansion of self-operated cities. The self-operated model that heavily invests manpower and material resources is the norm in the stock market.

Advance through retreat

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Didi’s perennial losses have become a habit, gave up 20% of the national market shrinkage, and T3’s key strategy is to increase revenue and reduce expenditure and reduce losses… According to data, the scale of monthly active users in China’s online car-hailing industry is peaking. From January to November 2022, the scale of active users and the year-on-year growth rate are in a stage of slight decline. The market has BY Lists shifted to stock competition and the industry is concentrated degree or further improvement. However, as consumers’ usage habits mature, the online car-hailing market is still promising. According to the “Wilson Automotive Intelligent Decision Making” report, the scale of China’s online car-hailing market is expected to reach.

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