Online car-hailing starts a new war why is Huawei and Tencent competing

Recently the travel market has been very busy. Not long ago Huawei quietly entered the online car-hailing market and launched. “Petal travel” in the member center application public test. After less than a month of testing, on July 27 at the Hangmen conference Huawei  that Harmonious 3 was officially . On Petal Travel it is  that Petal travel adopts the aggregation mode and is currently connected. To Shaoqi car-hailing T3 travel and other platforms. Which means that Huawei has officially entered the online car-hailing market. Later Tech Planet exclusively learned that “Tencent. Travel is internally testing taxi-hailing business in WeChat”.

The struggle between self-operated and models

Tencent Travel tested the travel function with the words “WeChat taxi-hailing” in the column of “Travel Service” on the WeChat payment page. Recently, on the China Trademark Network of the Trademark Office of the State Intellectual Property Office, it was found that Beijing Litton Travel Technology a  affiliate of  Maps, for multiple graphic and text trademarks with “Rocket Travel” on July 12, or It is possible to Germany Phone Number List plan a new layout in the travel market. Online car-hailing players are eager to try again. The person in charge of a certain area of ​​T3 Mobility told us: The entry of the new taxi-hailing platform has brought new convenience to users’ travel, and at the same time brought new vitality and challenges to self-operated taxi-hailing and taxi-hailing platforms.

 The online car-hailing market welcomes new forces

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Behind it is still the competition for traffic, and the second half of online car-hailing has kicked off. 1. The online car-hailing market welcomes new forces The queuing up of new online car-hailing players is undoubtedly to grab the share under the new pattern of online car-hailing. Among the new players, Tencent and Huawei are two major manufacturers that have attracted the attention of the industry. This time, the taxi-hailing function tested by Tencent Travel in WeChat is still in the gray test stage. According to people familiar with the BY Lists matter, this function relies on the WeChat ecosystem, openly accesses compliant travel service providers, and works with travel service providers to provide users with aggregation The travel service is not Tencent’s own taxi service. We learned that in June, the self-operated online car-hailing platform “Wan shun Calling a Car” reached a cooperation with Tencent. It is currently in closed beta testing in Chengdu.

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