Qutoutiao trapped in Wangzhuan

Just imagine if someone tells you that you can make money and cash out by simply. Doing tasks on your mobile phone receiving gold coins and watching the news every day. Wouldn’t this model be particularly exciting? This game known as “Wangzhuan” once swept the entire Chinese Internet, and even created a number of listed companies. Qutoutiao, the “first mobile content aggregation stock”, successfully landed on Nasdaq with the model of “watching news can make money”. However, only five years after its listing, Qutoutiao stock price has fallen by 99% from its peak period. In the past year the stock price has been hovering around and its revenue has also been declining all the way.

The success and failure of the online earning model

It has always been in a state of loss. The hopeless Qutoutiao recently officially announced that it will delist from Nasdaq. According to the announcement, on March 14, 2023, Qutoutiao received a decision letter from the staff of the Nasdaq listing qualification department, indicating that the staff has decided to Delist the company’s securities from NASDAQ. Pack up your bags and leave now, what’s left of Qutoutiao? In addition to the memory UK Phone Number List of the pinnacle of being listed, perhaps there are only failure experiences that are enough to make Internet peers vigilant. 01 The success and failure of the online earning model Back in 2016, Qutoutiao was officially launched, and quickly attracted a large number of users through operations such as “earn 9 yuan for inviting friends for the first time”, “save gold coins for daily sign-in”, “earn 72 gold coins for reading in 60 seconds”.

Frustrated in exploring new models

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Only one year after its launch, Qutoutiao broke into the top five in the OPPO and VIVO app store rankings; two years after its launch, Qutoutiao cumulative installed capacity reached 181 million, and its monthly active users exceeded 60 million . Sine News and Notecase News are comparable. The core of Qutoutiao popularity lies in the precise control of users’ psychology. The “Internet earning model” firmly grasps the characteristics of users in the BY Lists sinking market. They have less entertainment methods, plenty of time, and are more likely to be  by cash rewards. For users, it is exchanging time for money, and for Qutoutiao, it is exchanging money for users, and everyone is happy. In fact, Qutoutiao “Internet earning model” is simple, fast and direct, and its business model is very simple.

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