Silicon Valley’s social media can do IAP, but they can’t do TikTok together

Since the official implementation of the IDFA policy in the first half of 2021, the advertising business of each company has been more or less affected. Social media with traffic pools are the first to bear the brunt. Losing tens of billions of dollars is not a dream… Therefore, we have seen that from Snapchat, to Twitter, and then to Meta, all have started IAP business. After all, it is difficult for e-commerce to bring goods through verification. The recent data released by the three-party data agency is very interesting. When it comes to in-app purchases, has the highest in-app purchase revenue, even higher than the sum of the IAPs of all other big company apps.

Key points of in-app purchase settings

According to data, before March 2023, in-app purchase revenue is $205 million more than Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat’s combined in-app purchase revenue. Silicon Valley’s social media can do IAP, but they can’t do together Source UAE Phone Number List continues to use domestic live broadcast rewards, the most profitable monetization method. It may not b surprising that IAP is “very good at playing”, but it is Meta that should be paid attention to. To be more precise, Facebook has also adopted rewards for monetization. In the US iOS best-selling list, it has basically never been ranked Top150. In the best quarter of the past two years, it can also realize 20 million US dollars+. However, after entering 2021, IAP Entered the downward channel as advertised, and there is no sign of turning back.

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There are more payment point

In contrast, although Snapchat’s realized income is still small, it is relatively stable and has a tendency to catch up from behind. Twitter is on the cusp of making not much money every day. How do social media, including make money directly from the C-end under the background of sluggish advertising revenue? Behind this is the positioning of each BY Lists company’s products, the value perception of the services provided by its own products, and the The understanding of one’s own user portrait is quite interesting, and we also use this data to briefly discuss it. 1. List of in-app purchase items in each app | Only Snapchat is a “true social app”? Let’s first take a look at the start time, focus and overall performance of each app’s internal purchases. timeline.

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