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Ten billion subsidy war, Taobao watched from the other side

An Taobao employee believes that Taobao’s five major strategies this year actually correspond. To the five major competing products live broadcasting private domain  WeChat content  Xiaohongshu local retail  price power  fight a lot. Taobao will not show anxiety to the outside world like but once tens of billions of subsidies and other activities. Shake up Taobao’s basic market Taobao may be forced to fight. Don’t dance with Pinduoduo Employees of traditional. E-commerce giants have a consensus it is best not to dance with Pinduoduo. Before Double Taobao launched the “Juhuasuan Ten Billion Subsidy” overnight. Trying to defeat Pinduoduo with Pinduoduo.

 Don’t dance with Pinduoduo

Later this activity was fixed on the first screen of the homepage as a normalized entrance, and it has been done successively for more than 3 years. On Alibaba’s intranet, there were many posts complaining about the tens of billions of subsidy activities in the past: it is not close to the people, there are Cyprus Phone Number List many routines, and it is not as simple and direct as competing products. These discussions have now largely died down. However, Taobao internally formed a relatively consistent conclusion on the tens of billions of subsidies, which was passed on to the outside world by Zhang Yong, chairman and CEO of Alibaba, in the earnings conference call: “No one in history can change the situation through their own continuous price subsidies.

The real firepower of the price war

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Regarding the tens of billions of subsidy wars launched by Ali basically took a wait-and-see attitude internally, because they had already tasted it. When used tens of billions of subsidies to “hard-core” Pinduoduo, Taobao quietly moved the entrance of Juhuasuan’s tens of billions of subsidies on the BY Lists homepage to the second screen. They don’t want to be i in this spring subsidy war. Judging from the intensity of the activity, the prices of some popular products on Juhuasuan’s tens of billions of subsidies are not the lowest on the entire network. For example, iPhone 14 Pro is 6,889 yuan after subsidies, and 6,824 yuan on In terms of price protection policy,
proposes double compensation.

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