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That way users will be more flexible

 is that it can do debugging. The time required is also relatively fast, namely only about one minute to carry out the debugging process in the Sandbox. Can be used on various operating systems Previously, you already knew the features of Docker which can run on operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux. This will provide users with flexibility.So, what is docker? So, docker is a service that provides the ability to package and run applications in an isolated environment called a container. From the advantages explained above, it can be concluded that Docker can help increase developer productivity in creating quality software. So, that’s the discussion this time. Hopefully you will understand more about Docker. Keep the spirit Okay. Symphony Next is Symfony. If you order the most popular, Symfony is in third place after Laravel and CodeIgniter.

Even though it was launched

In 2005, Symfony is still used to work on various projects, both small and large. This framework is suitable for use in developing large-scale and complex websites. The advantage of this framework is that it can consume less memory than other frameworks and produces high performance. You don’t need to worry when using Symfony because it has a fairly large community. CakePHP ws database Next there is CakePHP. This framework has been widely used by thousands of websites, both static and dynamic websites. The reason CakePHP is widely used is because it can prevent SQL Injection, supports MVC, and is easy to configure. Yii Framework The last one is the Yii Framework. This framework has good security and performance. For this reason it is very suitable for developing.

Modern websites This framework

has advantages such as being easy to learn, has good security features, and can be integrated with jQuery. Conclusion So, that’s our discussion about the PHP framework. Do you have any plans to use it? You can start trying one of the frameworks described above BY Lists in creating a website. Good luck and keep up the enthusiasm. Recommendations for Popular PHP Frameworks in 2021 – end Also check out several other articles including: 5 Javascript Frameworks for Web Programmers Various CSS Frameworks for Web Coding What is a Programmer? Things that must be mastered.

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