The CEO personally played the live broadcast Gaohu TAL is waiting

E-commerce celebrity super-head operator posted on a social platform that after meeting. Yu before he met TAL Future CEO Zhang for two consecutive days and felt the differences of the founders of the three education giants. Style “a deeper understanding of corporate genes are the extension of the founder’s personality.” On January 6 this year, in order to save the education giant whose life was hanging by a thread after the “double reduction” entered to create his own personal IP and quickly accumulated 2.5 million fans in 70 days. For example when he met Zhang again in the super-head operation of Festival e-commerce people can’t help but wonder: Does Zhang plan to follow in the footsteps of Yu and Chen and also live broadcast the goods in person creating the next Dong selected by the East.

Why is it difficult to reproduce Dongfeng Selection?

In the past year, the world of live streaming has been surging. For example, there is the legend of Luo who brought goods to pay off 600 million debts, Liu Genghong who became famous by doing aerobics, and recently TVB who brought Chen Hao and other Hong Kong stars to the end. In the current market situation, live streaming is one Greece Phone Number List of the few fields where it is possible to realize the “dream of making wealth”. Therefore, live broadcasting has become the choice of “survival with broken arms” for the transformation of education and training institutions after the “double reduction”. The education and training company originally had a live broadcast classroom, and its equipment can be easily used for live broadcast delivery without additional investment costs. The original teacher can also become a delivery anchor.

Education and training institutions have transformed into live broadcasting

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The same is true. New Oriental, which was the first to enter the e-commerce live broadcast, relied on Dong to turn the tables against the wind. The number of fans of the account of Selection has approached 30 million, and it has won the top spot on the delivery list for many consecutive months. At present, the products selected by are mainly BY Lists concentrated in the field of agricultural products, and the main brand is self-operated. The successful transformation of Selection has allowed other educational institutions to see a glimmer of life, and TAL which is also a giant in the education and training industry, also went live. On March 8 last year, flagship store began to launch short videos on In August, launched which officially tried live streaming on selling agricultural products, food and beverages and other products.

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