The end of the Northeast people’s house sales is the live broadcast room

Entering the spring of 2023 along with the recovery of the real estate market. There is also Kuaishou real estate live broadcast room. The anchors stood on the curb outside the project construction site or set up their mobile phones outside the model room. live broadcasting real estate information. Surrounding facilities, real estate policies and market water temperature. In the live broadcast room, the anchors are no longer intermediaries. Who keep an eye on your pocket and wallet, but play the role of “house scouts”-on the one hand linking new housing projects. Mastering exclusive preferential prices and on the other hand linking veterans.

Live distribution is difficult to support alone

Who have potential housing needs , to maximize the transaction. In recent years, with the popularity of the live streaming model, Kuaishou veterans have long been  with buying daily necessities and agricultural products in the live broadcast room, but have turned their Costa Rica Phone Number List attention to new real estate with higher unit prices, and real estate anchors have taken advantage of the trend. How enthusiastic are the Northeast veterans buying and selling houses in the live broadcast room? Kuaishou head real estate anchor Ji  gave the answer: The real estate transaction volume she sold in a year is equivalent to the offline transaction performance of a district in Shenyang, which shows the potential of live broadcast house sales.

Whose life can be “reformed”?

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At present the traditional marketing channels and models of real estate developers have been torn apart by live sales, and customers seem to be able to “fly” directly from the live broadcast room to the sales site. But the business pain point still exists: How powerful is the energy of the real estate anchor? Can live streaming replace traditional real estate marketing? Can live broadcast BY Lists house sales really go out of the Northeast? Kuaishou Idealist needs to give further answers. 1. How to sell a house live? Real estate marketing has fully shifted to online, which actually started in 2020. Real estate trading is a decision-making business, so the sales model is also very important, and transactions generally rely on offline intermediaries to show.

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