The Gap and the East Wind——A Brief Discussion on Internet Medical Care

The first part of the Internet medical observation series “Ideal and Reality” released in February. The second part “Gap and Dongfeng” released this time starts from personal experience and industry cognition. Returns to the essence of business and analyzes the reality and ideal of Internet medical care. What are the factors causing the gap and where the “Dongfeng” that will take off in the future may be. Tip: This article contains a lot of personal subjective opinions, some of which may not be completely rigorous and correct. Readers are invited to read dialectically. Comments and discussions are welcome. 1. Return to the essence of medical health 1. Country social infrastructure to maintain national health. Macroscopically from a national perspective medical. Care is a social infrastructure to maintain the overall national health.

Why Internet medical care cannot break through

Therefore, medical insurance is a project of people’s livelihood, and where medical institutions are set up is also a project of people’s livelihood. Public medical care accounts for a large proportion, and it is an area that does not allow full marketization; medical insurance is the cornerstone of the national medical payment system, and it is unrealistic to try Brazil Phone Number List obtain revenue from medical insurance. Yes, We Doctor has been reflected in the cases of Shandong, Tianjin and other health communities. 2. Patients: The starting point is to improve life and health (medical treatment) Starting from the individual, the significance of medical care to patients is to improve life and health; For medical services, the patient’s starting point is to maintain or improve life and health. For seeing a doctor, patients’ expectation of certainty is far greater than other scenarios.

 Policy regulation: both advantages and gaps

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Hope for a good and fast recovery, and hope to solve the problem once and for all without recurrence; this requires medical services. To be able to meet the above-mentioned expectations of patients, the provider essentially needs the support of superb medical technology capabilities and rich experience in diagnosis and treatment. 3. Individuals: Health services are actually “anti-human” (Health) A business that understands and adapts to human nature BY Lists will generally become a rigid demand, but health management is a bit “anti-human”, and it is an industry that struggles with human nature. First of all, people are greedy for pleasure, love food, and some people like to smoke and drink, which will bring immediate sensory enjoyment and stimulation to people; on the other hand, health management requires self-discipline to complete healthy behaviors, go to bed early and get up early, and pay attention to diet.

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