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The end point of consumer demand realizing super-self value

In the general preface of “Vision Hammer”, there is an article “The Birth of Category and the End of Strategy”, which mentions Hegel’s philosophical concept “the end of history”. The history we think of is generally what has happened. In this sense, history will not end. The “history” mentioned by Hegel is the sum of human experience and ideology, and it is the philosophical level. In this sense, human beings must reach this end at some point. “The End of History” has been found. Hegel pointed out that “the most fundamental driving force for the development of human history is not economics, but psychology, which is the psychology that human beings hope to be recognized.

Has the end of human needs emerged?

Hegel believed that at the time of the French Revolution, mankind had found the historical end of philosophy, democracy and freedom. Because democracy and freedom can allow everyone to be recognized, and then promote the development of society. Borrowing Hegel’s philosophy of “the end of history”, “The Birth of Category and the End of Strategy” believes that Ecuador Phone Number List the end of business strategy is category. Creating and leading a category is the core of business strategy, and it also provides a clearer implementation standard for the focus concept: focus on all resources to occupy a category in the minds of customers.

Where is the end point of marketing behavior?

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The mind of customers is the ultimate battlefield of marketing competition. And consumers “think in terms of categories. And express in terms of brands” are the driving mechanism of consumer behavior. Consumers’ “thinking” and “expression” behaviors are exactly what the brain does. Which is the BY Lists concept of “mind” in positioning. In the previous article I used Stephen Pincer’s “Mind Exploration” many times to correct. The definition of mind for everyone the mind is not the brain. But what the brain does. According to Drucker, the sole purpose of a business is to create customers. And positioning is the psychological mechanism that enterprises must follow to create customers.

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