Weigh-in assassin targets young man

A plum is  yuan; two bowls of Malatang. Are 175 yuan 6 palm-sized handmade nougats. The total price is 466 yuan. Recently, news of young people being “stabbed” by weighing. products has frequently appeared on the Internet hot search. Different from “Ice Cream Assassins” and “Stationery Assassins” who shock consumers. physically and mentally simply because the price exceeds expectations. “Weighing Assassins” often have clearly marked prices. And it is up to consumers to decide the specific weight to buy. However the amount of weighing and settlement. Will still greatly exceed consumers’ expectations.

“Weighing assassins” are everywhere

This kind of consumption experience that  tragedy by oneself makes most young people choose to suffer dumb losses even if they are. Young consumers frequently fall into the trap of “weighing assassins”. Is it because young people suffer from “lack of common sense in life”, or is it intentional by businesses? The Research Institute  the truth of the Croatia Phone Number List matter through on-the-spot investigation. “Weighing assassins” are everywhere The Institute  and found that most of the shops called “Assassins” by netizens are  in commercial plazas or shopping malls, mainly independent stores and open counters.

“Weighing Assassins” only cut young people?

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Most of these shops use transparent containers to hold a variety of bulk snacks, mainly  plums and candies, and the outer walls of the containers are  with the price tags of the corresponding foods. Although the prices are all clearly marked, the price units  by this type of BY Lists snack merchants are different from the pricing methods that the public recognizes in daily life. The Research Institute randomly visited the counters of many brands in Shanghai, such as Sweet and found that the price tags are all based on . The unit price marked in the standard unit. 315 Insights Weighing Assassins Target Young People *Price tags on the stalls in the mall/photographed by the Institute of Waking of Insects In addition, some shops also set up secrets on the price.

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