When We Talk About B2c Funnel Marketing the User Is

solutions capable of maximizing the investment already in the short and medium term. Magento orShopify for an e-commerce? This is the dilemma. We have already shown youwhy we like Shopifyas an e-commerce platform and what reasons lead us to prefer it over many other solutions. Now we would also like to explain to you, based on our experience in the

Phase to the Digital Marketing Strategy

development and management of online shops, when it is best to choose between Shopify and Magento. We do not find it correct to christen one of the  b2b leads   two platforms as superior to the other, instead we think it is essential to determine your needs and choose accordingly. Magento e-commerce Magento is one of the major players in e-commerce, a very powerful but equally

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b2b leads

e-commerce with Magento 1 will have to consider migrating to the new version or changing platforms, since updates and support for version 1 ended in June 2020. For example, we talked at length BY Lists. aboutMigration from Magento to Shopify, dedicating a real saga to him. We believe it is really important to consider this Saas as a new e-commerce platform also for ease during the migration phase. Shopify e-commerce Shopify is the new entry in the e-commerce world, an

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