Where will the live broadcast of the show go after

Annual Ceremony in Hangzhou. However compared with Huia’s “Extraordinary Night”, which slashed hundreds of Weibo hot searches and Doujin hot lists, YY’s annual Ceremony does not seem to have created any With enough momentum, the annual stage ceremony also showed a superficial and sloppy annual meeting style, and the overall performance was a little deserted. Back in time to ten years ago, YY just held its first grand ceremony. The anchors competed for seats through annual ballots and had many fierce talent competitions on the stage. At that time, the YY Annual Ceremony was still playing a pivotal role in the entire Internet industry, and the live broadcast of the show was also very popular.

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Even shouted the slogan of “becoming a star anchor, becoming a star anchor”. , A Lang, who later became the first sister of Dohyo, started her live broadcast debut on YY under the screen name Sewee. However, with the development of mobile Internet and short video content, traditional show live broadcasts have gradually declined. On January 31 this year, A Lang performed the last live South Korea Phone Number List broadcast of her live broadcast career in the Dohyo live broadcast room, and officially bid farewell to fans. When she sang the song “How long will you love me?” “Forever” frantically swiped under the barrage. Ah Lang is not the first host to leave Dohyo. With popular anchors such as on Tuesday and Chen stopping the broadcast one after another, the popularity of the live broadcast of show is not as good as before.

From savage growth to decline in popularity, what happened to the live broadcast of the show?

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Other traditional platforms such as and other live show shows are also a little bit “cold”. Diversified content such as lion dance, redefines the live broadcast of the show. When the live broadcasting trend comes, thousands of broadcasts will compete on the same stage. After the whole live BY Lists broadcasting trend is over, what new stories can the show live broadcast tell? 01 Streamlined platform, solid anchor When the show live broadcast was just emerging, the Internet was in the era of traffic, and the threshold for anchors was low. The early show anchors mainly relied on their appearance, singing and other talents to interact with fans, and they could attract a large number of fans to brush gifts and rewards. shared with the platform.

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