Why can’t Pinduoduo create a shopping festival?

While making festivals, since 2019, Pinduoduo has never given up trying to squeeze into the big promotion carnival of mainstream e-commerce platforms, but it is still an outsider so far. There is little room for price cuts, and shopping festivals are becoming more and more popular. Pinduoduo, which has missed the bonus period of making festivals, has repeatedly failed. This is due to the lack of internal genes and the shackles of the external environment. The 10 billion subsidy is a phenomenon-level shopping spree exclusive to Pinduoduo, but it is not a long-term solution to lose money and make money.

A ray of hope

How long can Pinduoduo last by spending money to improve its tone and modify its genes? Everyone is scrambling to catch the popularity of Double 11. Only Pinduoduo does not take the usual path and breaks out of the encirclement by spending a lot of money on subsidies. On October 26, Apple’s new Honduras Phone Number List generation of iPad 10 officially went on sale. The official price of the 64G, version is 3,599 yuan, and the price after the Pinduoduo platform subsidizes 600 yuan is 2,998 yuan, which is the lowest price on the entire network. Pinduoduo made Apple’s new product “break” on its own, which once became a hot topic of the day.

Lack of knot-making genes

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But few people have noticed that Pinduoduo, which has opened a gap in the e-commerce market occupied by the two giants Taobao and and formed a tripartite BY Lists confrontation, has not been able to create its own besides 618 and Double 11. Shopping Festival. Pinduoduo is also keen on “rubbing festivals”, but the effect is not ideal. Lack of genes internally, no soil externally, and Pinduoduo, which cannot create festivals, can it rely on “tens of billions of subsidies” to win the world? 1. One section is hard to find This year’s Double 11, Pinduoduo is as keen as ever on the festival. On October 20, Pinduoduo took the lead in launching the year-end promotion.

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