Xiaohongshu anxiously waits for “20 million”

A news that the person in charge of the commercialization of Xiaohongshu. Will leave his job in the near future has spread across the media circle. In March 2020, joined Xiaohongshu. Before joining, he served as the senior vice president. Of Weibo and the person in charge of commercial advertising. According to media reports adjustment may be related to the lower than expected business growth. Commercialization strategy this year will have a major adjustment. In the past, e-commerce and advertising were more imitated and learned from before. It is reported that in 2022, the user scale of Xiaohongshu will double, but the commercial revenue will only increase by 20%.

Why is there no “top stream”?

The commercialization of Xiaohongshu is also recognized as a weak link in the industry.  In this regard, posted a circle of friends that seemed to clarify the matter: “I got the news from a few good friends tonight that I am going to resign. Thank you for the media’s attention.” She said that Xiaohongshu is her favorite, and “It takes a lot of effort to really understand and do a Colombia Phone Number List good job of planting grass.” Under the circle of friends, Qu Fang, the founder of Xiaohongshu, and other executives of Xiaohongshu liked and commented. According to report, Xiaohongshu is adjusting its organizational structure, betting on live broadcast e-commerce, upgrading the live broadcast business to an independent department.

“Top stream” and commercialization

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Management of live broadcast content and live e-commerce. There are various signs that Xiaohongshu is re-examining the commercial layout over and over again. In the 10 years since its establishment, Xiaohongshu has reached 260 million monthly active users, 20 million monthly active creators, 3 million+ notes published daily, and average daily usage time per capita has increased BY Lists from 26.49 minutes in 2018 to 55.31 minutes. and Kuaishou still have a long way to go, but they have become traffic upstarts. However, because Xiaohongshu has been firmly promoting the “decentralized” content distribution model, on the one hand, it provides space for mid-waist bloggers to frequently release popular styles, and on the other hand, it also makes Xiaohongshu not as effective as The big wolf dog couple, the Simba family in Kuaishou, and Luo Xiang.

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