Why didn’t DeepMind which launched Alpha Dog fail to make Chat GPT?

In January of this year news of layoffs was quietly Google’s artificial intelligence company. DeepMind will close its office in Edmonton Canada and lay off. Some employees engaged in operations in the UK office. The news of DeepMind’s layoffs hardly stirred up any splashes on the Internet. At that time the eyes of AI practitioners. All over the world were  by Chat GPT  by another artificial intelligence company Open AI. DeepMind and Open AI are a pair of mirror images of artificial intelligence. They have too many similarities- they were originally. As non-profit organizations, but both were  in hematopoietic problems and invested in technology giants the former.

An acquisition case with different thoughts

To Google and the latter defected to Microsoft their angel investors all include Elon Musk both have launched AI products that shocked. The world and are enough to be recorded in history (the former is AlphaGo the latter is Chat GPT dreams and ambitions. In terms of qualifications, DeepMind became famous earlier than Open AI. In the Denmark Phone Number List second year of Open AI’s establishment (2016), DeepMind has already become popular with the Go robot AlphaGo; in 2020, DeepMind will rely on the artificial intelligence prediction protein tool Alpha Fold to overcome the problem that has plagued the biological world for 50 years. Before Chat GPT appeared, people tended to think that DeepMind was a better company.

A biological community has been searching for an answer for 50 years

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That was closer to AGI. In fact, the term AGI was first proposed by DeepMind founder Demise Hassabis thirteen years ago. However, Open AI stole all the spotlight on stage today. From Chat GPT to GPT-4 just released last week, Open AI has become the BY Lists most watched AI startup company in the world, not one of them. Judging from past AI achievements, DeepMind seems to be the company that should be the first to launch Chat GPT. However, when Open AI was immersed in the development of the GPT series of pre-training models, DeepMind was busy “independence” with Google. In 2015, the second year after being acquired by Google, DeepMind began brewing a split plan “Mario”, which will continue until 2021.

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