Chicken or not chicken McDonald’s launches the McChicken

McDonald’s , the most famous fast food chain of all. Has taken the most controversial debate as the center of its new campaign: “Chicken” or “not chicken.” Although the Big Mac recipe has been the same for more than five decades. Now the chicken Big Mac is born . This variation will be exported to the rest of the world in 2022. Following its success in the United States and the United Kingdom. The fun spot titled “Space” has been created by the advertising agency TBWA PARIS . This marks the arrival of the chicken Big Mac to France .

Incredible public demand" in British branches.

The meat burger that arrived at the top industry data chain in 1968, and is already a McDonald’s icon. So this bet made with chicken may be a source of controversy. The variation of the classic burger debuted in 2017 in Australia . As part of a limited edition menu. Tt arrived in the UK that same year. McDonald’s had to temporarily withdraw it due to “incredible in British . This 30-second spot shows two astronauts positioning themselves in the debate. In a fight that can be heard across space. They decide which is better : with or without chicken.

Original Big Mac or Chicken Big Mac the endless debate

At the end of the ad you can read “Original BY Lists the debate.” David Philip, creator of the campaign. Declared that “in France we love to debate. Even about the little things. So imagine about a topic as important as food. He highlights that this taste is even greater when the debate is about a product as iconic as the Big Mac . “We thought it would be funny to show how even people furthest from the product will debate vigorously.” Philip adds in relation to astronauts. Who ignore the beauty of the moon when they wonder if it is allowed to add chicken to the Big Mac or not .

The Iron Throne arrives in Madrid in this incendiary action

The shield of the Targaryen house flies over the streets of Madrid, in promotion of The House of the Dragon , the hit of HBO Max . This can be seen in the Plaza de Callao next to an installation of the Iron Throne, where fans of the series have been able to sit like the authentic kings and queens of the Seven Kingdoms, between August 31 and September 4. In the heart of the Spanish capital, the surprising Targaryen shield could be seen in flames, on a gigantic three-dimensional canvas that shows the silhouette of the three dragons and says “Fire will reign . 

Other advertising actions of The House of the Dragon

This is not the first action to promote category email list the series on Spanish soil. In celebration of the premiere of The House of the Dragon. Last August , of La Concha in Donostia. Created by the Welsh artist Jon Foreman. Known for his pieces from the movement. Land Art . While waiting for the premiere of the fifth episode of the series. Fans can experience becoming a real dragon. Thanks to a collaboration between Snapchat and HBO Max . In the app users can access a lens app that will be available worldwide . As new dragons are introduced in the season, Snapchat will add new experiences.

Fans of the series were able to enjoy an artistic installation

The House of the Dragon has captivated BY Lists fans of Game of Thrones , the series had almost 10 million viewers in its premiere. Therefore, who wanted to know the history of the mythical house Targaryen 200 years before the events of the original series. Thus surpassing the record held by Game of Thrones. Without a doubt, the big favorites are Rhaenyra and Daemon Targaryen. In a special action created by TBS and produced by the creative studio andtonic for HBO Max. Therefore, fans of the series will be able to enjoy this installation in Madrid.

ROSÀS and Havas Media the best agencies to work for according

The Best Agency to Work For ranking carried out by Scopen reveals which are the most attractive creative and media agencies to work for according to advertising sector professionals themselves. In its latest edition, which has now been published, &ROSÀS and Havas Media are positioned as the best-rated workplaces in the first quarter of 2022. In the ranking of creative agencies , &ROSÀS occupies first place followed by DAVID, McCann and Ogilvy. Fifth place went to Mr. Rushmore , sixth place was LOLA Mullenlowe and seventh place was PS21 . The list is completed by Pingüino Torreblanca, China and El Ruso de Rocky.

Top-rated media agencies

Regarding media agencies, Havas industry email list Media is in first position and leads the ranking of the most attractive agencies to work for, according to Scopen. It rises from the fourth place it reached last year. It is followed by Ymedia Wink iProspect , which took first place in the previous edition, and IPG MEDIABRANDS , which maintains third place. Carat and Arena Media are the next names on the list. GroupM comes next and occupies sixth place, as well as Dentsu, seventh. The last three companies in the ranking are Publicis Media, Zenith and OMD. In the Top 10 we find four significant increases: Arena Media (which goes from 8 to 5), GroupM (from 15 to 6), Dentsu (17 to 7) and Publicis Media.

The best advertisers to work for

When it comes to pointing out the BY Lists brands they would like to work with. Professionals point out in the Best Marketer to Work With report that IKEA. Netflix and Nike are the advertisers they are most attracted to. Among professionals from Barcelona. The top 3 is the same, while among those from Madrid. Coca-Cola overtakes Nike in third position. These same four brands compete for the top three positions for creative and media agencies. But always with IKEA in first place. In this edition, the biggest rise has been that of KFC. Which reaches seventh position from position 212 and the rises of Disney and Apple are also notable : they go from eighth and ninth position to twentieth and nineteenth position, respectively.

Analyzing the copy of above the fold (top of the screen)

It’s not  Analyzing the bad to generate 500 euros in a single afternoon, right? This post goes in that direction: trying to provide you. With a useful reference guide to save you time (and thus make you earn more money). When performing an SEO audit . Article index 1 What is an SEO audit for? 2 Elementary SEO audit – beginner level 2.1 First steps. Know the website, the sector and the objectives 2.2 Check crawling and indexing. Optimizing the WPO 2.4 Verify URL response codes. View internal linking and authority flow. Improve content 2.7 Link building: external linking strategy What is an SEO audit for? Let’s start with a quick definition to get our bearings.

Article index 1 What is an Analyzing the SEO audit for 2 Elementary SEO audit

An SEO audit is a complete analysis, an x-ray, of all the elements category email list of a website that influence its positioning, so that errors can be detected to be solved and opportunities to improve. In general, audits are usually talked about in the field of SEO consultants as one of their main functions. In fact, a professional SEO audit carried out by an experienced consultant can reach prices from €400-500 to €1,500-2,000 in specific cases, where the consultant has a certain reputation or is very specialized. And it is no wonder, since a well-worked.

SEO audit is not just for consultants in fact, it should be a common practice

SEO audit becomes a roadmap on BY Lists which to walk step by step to achieve results: more traffic and more conversion ideally (although the latter is located a little closer to the area of ​​​​the CRO). But an SEO audit is not just for consultants: in fact, it should be a common practice for anyone who has a website, whether it is a personal blog, a niche or an ecommerce… Anyone looking for visibility through search engines… of course. Elementary SEO audit – beginner level In this content you will learn how to do a basic SEO audit , but complete enough to be able to start charging for it.

Close to a quarter of a million euros with an SEO info product

Close to configuration. We save and send  the changes. Mide con Analytics With these actions we have managed. To create and send events to Analytics , where the. To test, we can go to Analytics>Real-time>Events, and try. After a few minutes. If we click on the event that we have. Defined as “Affiliate Click”, we will access the affiliate links that we want to track. We will have information about the. Event Action (which URL is clicked), and the Event Tag (where the click is made from).

In this simple Close to able to detect where we are receiving clicks

We can go even deeper by clicking on a specific link. To find out industry email list from which URLs on our website that link was visited. And that’s all! In this simple way we will be able to detect where. We are receiving clicks that will make us earn money. In our niche and be able to promote that content. I hope this post has been useful. To you and has given you some ideas to enhance your niche. Data Studio with this data I read you in the comments! Raiola Networks offers a 20% discount on all its WordPress SSD Hosting plans for all Blogger3cero readers. 

Dashboard in Data Studio with this data I read you in the comments

See Raiola WordPress SSD Hosting BY Lists here  Take advantage of this discount and start hosting your websites on a hosting you can trust, ideal for all of you who are just starting out.How to do a basic SEO audit for dummies Dean Romero Dean Romero Publication date: April 28, 2021 Article with 11 Comments The audit service is one.

Of the first that you should master if you start in the world of SEO consulting . They have something good: if you are able to do them quickly (and by quickly I don’t mean without quality) you will earn a good amount of money in a relatively short time. What do I mean by this. He did those audits on a work afternoon.

I analyze the copy of the landing page that generated

I recommend using a nomenclature I analyze so that the events are not chaos. In this case we have used: What we want to measure. Where we are going to measure it Label type: We select Google Analytics. Universal Analytics Tracking Type. Event Category. Affiliate Click (or a name that allows you to differentiate the event). Action: {{Click URL}}, with this parameter we will obtain the. URL on which the user clicks (such as the Amazon URL). Label: {{Page Path}}, to obtain from which URL on our website they clicked. Hiit without interaction. False Google Analytics settings: the variable we created. Above With this configuration, we will be creating an Event that tells us which.

Interested in creating I analyze an event for any click the user makes

URL has been clicked (Action) and top industry data from which part of our website (Label). Now we need to define when we want this event to be created . We are not interested in creating an event for any click the user makes (it would also count the user’s internal navigation clicks on our website), so we must establish a series of activation conditions. Step 2: Activation We want to track only clicks made on affiliate links, and from any site on our website: Trigger Type: Click – Links Only This trigger is activated on: Some link clicks Run this trigger when an event occurs and all of these conditions are met.

Activation We want to track only clicks made on affiliate links

To define which clicks we want the BY Lists label to trigger, we must differentiate several cases: Affiliate clicks with a URL modified by us . For example, in the case of Hostingsaurio, the Pretty Links plugin has been used so that all affiliate links have the structure: In this way, we can easily differentiate all the affiliate.

Links, since otherwise, each one would have a different structure and it would be difficult to draw a pattern. In the case of using affiliation through Amazon , we know that the links contain “” or “” What needs to be put in this last field will depend on the type of affiliate links we use: Click URL + contains + AFFILIATE URL STRUCTURE If we use Amazon Affiliates, we can use the following regular expression.

An action plan for content creation

There is no point in filling ourselves with keywords that are synonyms or that overlap with each other. At this stage we exit the tool and sit down with the team to work on the document. This fifth step is also a good scenario to remove from keyword research those keywords that we call “vanity”; that are very ambiguous, contribute little or are very difficult for the digital moment of the business. Step 6. Prioritize after classifying the list, the penultimate step of the process does not have an instruction manual to follow, because what you must do is make decisions. What is most important to your business right now? Which keywords will bring you the most? Where is the greatest opportunity.

Every year or every time you feel

These answers are the input to execute this penultimate business database stage of keyword research . Here you will take the list, you will meet with the team, you will evaluate all the variables – metrics of each keyword, the moment of your business, the market situation, the strategy of your competitors and your content generation and engine optimization capabilities. Search or advertising investment—and you will establish your priorities. An action plan for content creation and digital advertising should emerge from this exercise. Step 7. Repeat the process if you have come this far, what you have in your hands is your first keyword research and an action plan. What follows is to repeat the process; every semester. Every year or every time you feel that the market has changed.

User experience acronym in for user experience

Let’s internalize how to create excellent information. Architecture so BY Lists we can design websites that are easy. To consume, understand and navigate. User experience acronym in for user experience  is one. Of the digital activities that receive the most attention today. This is due to the proliferation of devices. That the market has today. And that businesses have understood that fighting only in the field of attracting new users, without worrying about retention, threatens their future results.

The keyword received in an average

Our favorites are: the aforementioned. In this third step you will spend a couple of weeks with the tool you choose. The task is to use it to find ideas that complement the list. The objective is to deepen the created document as much as possible so as not to leave any important keywords out. The more keywords you include, the better. Step 4. Measuring an extensive and detailed list of keywords in a spreadsheet or notepad, we can undertake the hardest work of the process: purging and selecting the critical keywords for the business.

The seasonality will graph the behavior

To execute this task we will need to collect detailed business lead information for each keyword. And to do so we will use the same tools that we took into account in the previous point. The task is to enter the entire list of keywords that we have built in the tool we have chosen, so that said platform adds the search volume, seasonality and level of competition data for each keyword. The volume will show us how many searches. The keyword received in an average month. The seasonality will graph the behavior of the search volume of each keyword in the months of the year and the level of competition will tell.

Classify with the collection of the

Us how competitive a keyword is a high level of BY Lists competition means that many businesses are using or trying to position themselves for said keyword . Classify with the collection of the three indicators we will be able to advance to the next step: sit down as a team to discuss, from the business perspective, which are the most coherent and convenient keywords for each phase of the consumer journey. We do the classification to create groups or clusters of keywords that we could work together. The objective is to reduce the volume of keywords that we have in the document, to keep those that represent the best opportunities for the business.

All you have to do is visit their website

Thenfor the asynchronous exercise, upload the file to a shared folder and commit to writing down everything that comes to mind over the next week. Step 2. Evaluate the market and competitors once the synchronous and asynchronous brainstorming is over, what follows is to investigate the market and competitors. For the first, you could do a focus group or simple interviews with clients, prospects and ordinary people who live in different states of consciousness. The idea here is to ask those people to share keywords with you to enrich your keyword research . Now, to investigate competitors. All you have to do is visit their website or social networks to identify what words they use or what topics they.

The third step of the process consists

All the keywords you obtain by researching the market business email list and competitors must be added to the master document that you built in the first step. Add tools up to this point, what you have is a file full of keywords. In it you put your ideas, those of the team, those of clients and those of competitors. If you did it meticulously, that document will be a fantastic starting point for keyword research for your business. If, on the other hand, you only spent a few minutes and only wrote down the first fifteen words that came to mind, we recommend that, before continuing, you reverse and go back to the first step. The third step of the process consists of taking the document to enrich it, leveraging one or more tools.

Other interesting free tools to increase

The goal is to use a keyword research platform to BY Lists complement the archive. What tools do we recommend for this step? There are many, free and paid. The simplest of the free ones is google. If you take one of the keywords from your document and search for it on google, the autocomplete will show you other interesting ones—even related ideas will appear within the results. Other interesting free tools to increase your keyword research are: a plugin for google chrome called keyword surfer or which has a free and a paid version. Now, in paid tools we have a huge universe.

The methodology for creation and

With good keyword research , defining the editorial line of your blog or the publication calendar for social networks will be a piece of cake. The list of keywords will show the team what topics should be addressed in the digital world to be consistent with the consumer journey and business objectives. That document will also serve as a guide for your search engine optimization efforts. By defining and prioritizing the essential keywords for the company, a clear seo work plan can be drawn up. In addition, this document will give them clues about the critical keywords for each moment in the relationship with the audiences and thus they will be able to design advertising campaigns that reinforce the business’s position in the market.

Keyword research must be done

How to do keyword research the fundamental b2b leads steps. Keyword research for digital marketing is a process. That must be executed in order. To obtain its full benefits. Keyword research must be done following a method, otherwise a lot of time and resources could be wasted. Likewise, it is important to understand that this is not a one-time process. Your keyword research has to be seen as a living document, which is constantly reviewed and improved — because keywords depend on the changing behavior of people, markets and competitors. Working on keyword research has to become a habit of the digital team, so that they are never taken by surprise by a keyword, a competitor or the intentions of a consumer. The methodology for creation and updating must be internalized and developed as an individual and collective skill.

Therefore the first step in building keyword

This methodology is made up of seven steps that BY Lists we will describe below: step 1. Brainstorm no one knows your business and its customers better than you and your team. Therefore the first step in building keyword research is to search your brain and that of your collaborators to make a list of the business keywords. That brainstorming is the starting point of the study and we believe that there is no right or wrong way to do it. The only thing we recommend is that you do one synchronous exercise and one asynchronous exercise. For synchronization, take out a workspace with your team, free yourselves from distractions and sit down to throw ideas into the air. During the process, open a spreadsheet or notepad and write down all the search terms that you think people who are searching for what you offer are using.

So simple and at the same time

These types of keywords are very opportune to provide value to clients or prospects and for people to discover your business in the initial phases of the consumer journey. Navigational  navigational keyword is one used by people who need to know options or opinions about something. Generally, these types of keywords are used by those who live in the third state of consciousness; the state in which they want to see alternatives to start a decision-making process. For the bicycle example, the keyword “the best bicycle oils” is a navigational keyword ; because the user is not yet thinking about buying something, what they want is to navigate through the options to document themselves and make a more informed decision for their problem or need.

Local keywords can be navigational or

Transactional what keywords do people use when b2b email list they want to buy specific things? Well, transactional keywords. These types of keywords are those used in the fourth state of consciousness. Here the user goes to google to directly search for the brand or product by name. For example, “where to buy xyz oil for my bike” is an obviously transactional keyword. People using that keyword already understand your problem and have already evaluated the options; therefore, what they need is to make the purchase. 4. Premises this fourth type of keywords is closely linked to the navigational and transactional categories, but we like to separate it because the intentions have a direct relationship with the physical environment of the searcher. Local keywords can be navigational or transactional and are special because the user wants a solution framed in a particular geographic space.

Or if he searches for bike oil stores open

For example when the bike owner searches BY Lists for bike shops near my house what he is using as a search term is a local navigational keyword. Or if he searches for bike oil stores open tonight. what he used is a local transactional keyword. What is keyword research a keyword research is a meticulous investigation to determine which are the most coherent and convenient keywords with a business objective. So simple and at the same time complex. The keyword study is a document in which all the information about the keywords that are important for the business is stored. This document is created primarily for three things content strategy , (ii) planning seo work , and (iii) executing a digital advertising effort.

Potential Custome

Funnel? To explain how to carry out an analysis based on the marketing funnel, at least one new article would be necessary. However, we can tell you that there is no standard formula applicable to all situations, each case has its own peculiarities. What does it mean? To understand the behavior of users who browse your website, depending on the objectivesor a one-off fee with the possibility of a trial period prior to purchase. Marketing: intuitive or cumbersome? On both platforms you can work on the SEO side of the products, you can integrate email marketing automation platforms, promotional activities with coupons, free shipping, product reviews or apps to sell in external marketplaces. That said, there are essentially two differences. Shopify wins on the simplicity front, as its apps are more intuitive than Magento plugins even for non-“experts” and allow you to change configurations more

Therefore Take Too Long. Let’s

you intend to achieve, we can say that  b2b email list there are 2 macro analyzes that can be activated: user experience analysis ; web analytics analysis . The first takes into consideration all those dynamics that concern user behavior during navigation, for example heat maps, qualitativecomplex CMS. Today when we talk about Magento we are referring to Magento 2, the most modern, efficient and high-performance version of the CMS. Those who already have an

Think About the Fashion E-Commerce

b2b email list

t can help us increase the number of contacts or turnover. If yours is a B2C company that wants to increase sales on the sitecontact us, we will help you achieve your goals. PUBLICATION DATE05/09/2023The choice of the e-commerce platform BY a fundamental step, often the first responsible for the success or failure of an e-commerce business. This decision is all the more important when we talk about small businesses that have to manage limited budgets and need