The term Cloud or Cloud Computing

 know this Cloud technology? If you are a developer, it is mandatory to always keep up with the times. So, there’s nothing wrong if you start getting to know Cloud technology now. In this article, we will introduce you to Cloud technology. Starting from its understanding, benefits, to its implementation on one of the proud local Cloud Providers, namely Cloudeka! Getting to Know Cloud Technology When you want to build an application that operates and can be accessed anywhere, of course you need a server. A server is a computer connected to the internet, tasked with serving user requests, and is required to remain active so that services can continue to be accessed anytime and anywhere. The role of the server is very important in building applications. 

It is so important that the computer

 That becomes the server needs to be equipped with high specifications so that it is not overwhelmed by serving many requests from users. Apart from high specifications, the server also needs to be connected to a super sophisticated internet network. The goal is so that services can be accessed anywhere quickly and reliably. Servers also need electricity that never turns ws number list off and a cool room, to keep the server in optimal condition. Because of this, server provision is a scary prospect when building an application system. Why not? Apart from the complex requirements, the costs required to build a server independently (O n-Premise ) are very expensive. Apa Itu Docker? Apa Kegunaan dan Kelebihannya – end Baca juga artikel terkait berikut ini: Apa itu DevOps? Berikut Penjelasan Lengkapnya 12 Istilah Back-End Developer Yang Wajib Untuk

Diketahui Jadi Developer Harus

Dare to Leave Your Comfort Zone: Stories of Developers Who Graduated from the AWS Scholarship Program. Did you know that in the past the process of creating a website was known to be very complicated and took a lot of time? That’s because there is no basic structure BY Lists that helps developers create a website. However, since the emergence of various PHP frameworks, the process of creating a website feels faster and easier. Why does creating a website with a framework feel easier? This is because the framework provides the basic structure for a website. Moreover, PHP is a programming.

That way users will be more flexible

 is that it can do debugging. The time required is also relatively fast, namely only about one minute to carry out the debugging process in the Sandbox. Can be used on various operating systems Previously, you already knew the features of Docker which can run on operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux. This will provide users with flexibility.So, what is docker? So, docker is a service that provides the ability to package and run applications in an isolated environment called a container. From the advantages explained above, it can be concluded that Docker can help increase developer productivity in creating quality software. So, that’s the discussion this time. Hopefully you will understand more about Docker. Keep the spirit Okay. Symphony Next is Symfony. If you order the most popular, Symfony is in third place after Laravel and CodeIgniter.

Even though it was launched

In 2005, Symfony is still used to work on various projects, both small and large. This framework is suitable for use in developing large-scale and complex websites. The advantage of this framework is that it can consume less memory than other frameworks and produces high performance. You don’t need to worry when using Symfony because it has a fairly large community. CakePHP ws database Next there is CakePHP. This framework has been widely used by thousands of websites, both static and dynamic websites. The reason CakePHP is widely used is because it can prevent SQL Injection, supports MVC, and is easy to configure. Yii Framework The last one is the Yii Framework. This framework has good security and performance. For this reason it is very suitable for developing.

Modern websites This framework

has advantages such as being easy to learn, has good security features, and can be integrated with jQuery. Conclusion So, that’s our discussion about the PHP framework. Do you have any plans to use it? You can start trying one of the frameworks described above BY Lists in creating a website. Good luck and keep up the enthusiasm. Recommendations for Popular PHP Frameworks in 2021 – end Also check out several other articles including: 5 Javascript Frameworks for Web Programmers Various CSS Frameworks for Web Coding What is a Programmer? Things that must be mastered.

Look IDCamp and Dicoding

However, what is docker. This term may be quite foreign to you .But you need to know that Docker is widely . Used by software developers, both domestically and abroad. You must be curious, right? Let’s read the article carefully. What is docker? Docker is a service that provides. The ability to package and run an application in an isolated environment called a container. Having adequate isolation and security allows you to run many containers at the same time on a particular host. Docker was introduced in 2013 by Solomon Hykes at the PyCon event. Several months later, Docker was officially launched, to be precise in 2014. Since then, Docker has become very popular among foreign developers, but is not yet very popular in Indonesia. Docker features After knowing the meaning, now we go into the features of Docker that you can use according to your needs.

Docker engine The first is Docker Engine

It is used to create images and containers. DockerHub Next is docker hub. It is a registry that contains a collection of images. By using this docker hub you can collect images. This hub is different from docker engine which only creates images. Docker Compose Docker compose is one of the superior features that functions to run several containers or what is usually called multi-container so it can save a lot of time. Docker for Mac For this feature, you probably already know it from the name. This ws data feature allows docker users to run containers on the Mac operating system. forward to other coding scholarship programs for Indonesian developers fromDocker for Linux Just like the previous feature, this feature also allows users to run containers on the Linux operating system. Docker for Windows The last feature and definitely the most widely used feature compared to other features is Docker for Windows. This feature allows users to run containers on the Windows operating system. Excess When used, Docker has various benefits or advantages that make it popular among developers.

The following are some of the advantages

Whatsapp Number List

Has a simple configuration Docker has a fairly simple configuration and you can adapt it to the needs of the application you are developing. Just by specifying some code, it will create its own environment which is different from the environment of the main server. Good level of security Docker has a good level of security. It will ensure that running applications cannot affect BY Lists the container. Apart from that, it also has other security features such as setting the host OS mount with read-only access so it won’t change any configuration unless someone has full access. Can be run on multiple cloud platforms One of the reasons why Docker is in great demand by many companies is because it can be run on several.

Es ​​such as the Python programming language

For you to translate it into program code. Structure In general, pseudocode has three constituent parts. These parts consist of: Title As the name suggests, this section is used to indicate the title of the algorithm that will be written by the programmer. Declaration This declaration contains information such as variables or constants used in writing the algorithm. Algorithm This algorithm contains the process or commands or steps of the algorithm. It can be interpreted as the essence of pseudocode. You can write all processes in this section, such as conditional processes (if/else), loops (for), or operations (addition, subtraction, etc.). Do you know the structure and parts of pseudocode? So, now we will give you an example so that you have an idea of what pseudo code looks like. The following is an example of pseudo program code to determine odd and even.Example of odd-even program pseudocode.

Conclusion So that’s the discussion

About pseudo code. Are you interested in starting to make your own? Always keep in mind the suggestions given for writing pseudo code. Don’t make it difficult for yourself in the process of writing program code. Wait for the next article, stay enthusiastic and keep learning. Get to Know Pseudocode for Beginner Developers – end Also read the following selected articles. Learn C Programming whatsapp data Language For Beginners What is Coding? Explanation for Beginners Difference between Coding and Programming After distributing more than 38,000 scholarships to study coding in Basic and Beginner classes and 1,500 scholarships to study coding in Intermediate classes in 6 main study streams, Indosat Ooredoo Digital Camp 2021 will also provide 475 scholarships to study coding in Advanced classes. Today we have selected Intermediate class graduates in the Machine Learning Developer learning .

pathway who have the right to proceed

Whatsapp Number List

To the next stage, namely in the Advanced class, based on the best graduation rating and learning progress of 50 participants. The list of selected participants to receive the 2021 IDCamp. Advanced class scholarship in the Machine Learning .  We will distribute email announcements of recipients as well as scholarship tokens for the Applied Machine BY Lists Learning class via email on Thursday, September 23 2021 at a maximum of 23.59 WIB. In doing this, you will again receive online mentoring sessions from selected facilitators until the end of each advanced class. Happy learning, fellow Indonesian developers. Don’t waste this opportunity to create your best portfolio! Let’s together improve the quality of programming in Indonesia. For those of you who haven’t been selected, don’t be discouraged. There are still many ways to become a great developer in the future.

Consists of two combinations of words

means code. Pseudocode or pseudo code can be interpreted . As a description of a programming algorithm that is written simply compared to the syntax of a programming language. The goal is to make it easier for humans to read and understand. It is not a programming language, because a programming language must have rules for writing its code. Meanwhile, pseudocode itself does not have specific or standard rules for writing it, therefore it is not categorized as a programming language. You can create this pseudocode before starting to write syntax with a programming language. This aims to give you an idea of the flow of the program that will be created.

Function Apart from making

It easier for humans to understand, especially programmers, pseudocode also has other functions. Here are the functions: Can be used as a tool for documentation. To simplify the translation process into a programming language. Can be used for the process of finding an idea without having to think about the implementation of a special programming language. It is easier whatsapp number list to develop the applications created. Pseudocode notation After knowing the meaning and function of pseudocode, you also need to know what notation is used to understand the process that occurs. The following are some of the notations. INPUT Used to show the process of entering variable content. OUTPUT Used to show the output process that occurs. WHILE Used for a loop that has an initial iteration. FOR Used for an iterative calculation loop. REPEAT – UNTIL Used for a loop that has an end condition.

IF – THEN – ELSE Used to make

Whatsapp Number List

A decision from several conditions. Suggestions for writing pseudo code In writing pseudocode, there are no definite rules, but the writing must be clear and logical. Here are some suggestions for those of you who want to write pseudo code: Write specifically and consistently Write your pseudocode specifically and consistently. Consistency here lies in the use of upper and lower case letters. You can use capital letters for command codes, for example IF, ELSE, and THEN. This BY Lists can help you when you write program code later so that you don’t get confused about differentiating notations and notated components. Use indents. Although using indents in pseudocode is not required, use indents to make it easier for you to read notations such as if, for, and while. You also need to know, this indentation is very influential in several programming languag.

Hello friends Hopefully you are

Pattern, namely MVC. What would a more complete explanation of MVC look like? Please read the article carefully. Understanding MVC Model View Controller or what can. Be abbreviated as MVC is an architectural pattern . For creating an application by separating. The code into three parts consisting of: Model .  Manipulating and organizing the data in the database. View The section whose job is to display . Information in the form of a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Controller The part whose job is to connect and organize models.  Model View Controller flow After you know the explanation and components of MVC, now we will discuss the process flow of MVC.

The following is the process flow

Applications by separating the code into three parts, namely Model , View , and Controller . Because it has three parts that are related to each other, this view controller model has many advantages for application development and maintenance. What is MVC? Understand the Concept Well – end Also check out the following articles so you whatsapp database can broaden your knowledge. What is UML? Along with Definition and Examples 5 Best Programming Languages ​​to Learn in 2021 Difference between Coding and Programming Hey bro! On this occasion we will discuss pseudocode . Maybe pseudocode is a term that is already familiar to software developers. If you find it difficult to learn to write program code, you can start by using pseudocode. Even though it has the word “code” in it, it is not a programming language. Curious, right? Please read this article carefully! Understanding pseudocode The term pseudocode

Because it is divided into three parts

Whatsapp Number List

writing code will be neater and make it easier for other developers to develop the code. Can carry out testing more easily. To ensure that all applications work according to plan. Testing or trial steps must be carried out. By using this view controller model, the testing. Process can be carried outBug or error fixes are quicker to complete. Using MVC can make it easier for developers BY Lists to fix errors or bugs that occur. Developers can focus on finding and fixing problems .  . Makes maintenance easier.   The script or code is neater and more structured . Making it easier for developers to process application maintenance. Conclusion How do you understand .

10 Localization Best Practices For Business Globalization

Are you missing key audience segments by creating content that doesn’t truly “work” in a local context? See how local experts can provide contextual references that help audiences connect with your content.
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Localization is an essential component of any successful international expansion in today’s globalized business environment.
Adapting a product or service to a particular region or country’s language, culture, and other requirements is known as localization. In addition to translating content, it may involve adapting marketing campaigns and complying with local regulations, among other things.
After all, statistics show that search traffic can increase by 47 percent, website visits by 70 percent, and conversion rates by 20 percent with localization
1. Content Should Be Clear and Concise
2. Keep Your Voice Unique
3. Unless the Content Is New, Avoid Starting From Scratch
4. Your Content Should Be Contextualized
5. Access to Software and Reference Materials
6. Create a Glossary of Terms and a Style Guide
7. Software Can Speed Up the Localization Process
8. Proofread Your Content
9. Make Sure You Test Frequently and Early
10. Always Put Localization First When Writing Content
Global Audiences Don’t Have To Be Difficult To Reach.

Content Should Be Clear and Concise

Your source content ought to be simple and clear so that translators have an easier time translating it. If something does not need to be said, then leave it out.
Keep your language simple and stick to the point.
Defining and using product-specific terminology, as well as spelling out acronyms, will allow translators to identify the meaning of a sentence more easily.
Use articles before nouns to avoid ambiguity. Translated versions may accentuate or repeat any mistakes in the source content.
2. Keep Your Voice Unique
It might seem counterproductive to remove your individual tone of voice when writing clearly and concisely.
However, for localization and translation purposes, translators should begin with a clear, global and internationalized English version of the text.
Humor, idioms and casual language should be avoided in order to make your content global-ready.
It is undoubtedly difficult to translate humor. Many jokes only apply to certain regions with similar values and cultures. Ws Number List Like a wet sparkler, efforts to take a joke overseas will most likely fizzle out.
To localize your content as quickly and easily as possible, keep humor to a minimum or remove it entirely.
3. Unless the Content Is New, Avoid Starting From Scratch
In addition to reducing costs, reusing previously translated content ensures consistency across all translated materials.
Consistency is essential in maintaining a brand image and conveying the intended message to the target audience. Reusing translated content also saves time, because translators don’t have to start from scratch with every new project.
Instead, they can focus on translating new content and spend less time on repetitive phrases or sentences.
Thanks to translation memory tools, reusing translated content has become even more efficient and accurate, making it a popular method among businesses.

Your Content Should Be Contextualized

Context is everything when it comes to translating and localizing.
In a context-free environment, how can translators determine if the single word “Contact” refers to a button or a label? A variety of methods can be used to BY Lists provide context.
Write notes for translators and supply alternate phrases directly in the source code to provide further context.

How to Build a Product Marketing Strategy in 2023

While business owners might think their newest product is the latest in innovation, it’s an unfortunate reality that competition continues to be stiff, with approximately 30,000 products launched every year.
With thousands of products to compete with, it’s vital for companies to understand how to market their products to boost sales, improve branding, and gain a loyal customer following.
Product marketing is just one of the many ways marketers can influence the buyer’s journey and turn leads into sales. But how do you market a product.
This article highlights some of the key takeaways from product marketing and what you can do to ensure your newest products and services don’t go unnoticed.
What Is Product Marketing?
Designing a Product Marketing Strategy
Developing a Product Marketing Strategy That Wins.
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What Is Product Marketing?
Product marketing is, in essence, marketing your product to specific audiences to ensure higher demand, better sales, and better brand preference. Even if your company sells only one or two products, it’s crucial to engage in product marketing from the early stages of development to your product’s release.

Go-To-Market Strategy

A unique approach is needed for every single product. As a marketer, it’s vital for your business to implement a product marketing strategy that combines regular conventional marketing, sales, and product design in its development.
Lead generation shouldn’t be put on the
Ws Database back burner, especially not when it comes to product marketing.
While you might think your product will sell itself, conventional marketing (such as email campaigns, PR activities, and targeted ads) is a great way to reach potential customers and build brand awareness.
Work with your sales team to develop a product marketing plan that continues to market to your existing customers as well as to new ones.
The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Go-to-Market Strategy [+Examples] | Catalant
Source: Catalant
Designing a Product Marketing Strategy
Knowing how to market a product might seem impossible, but it doesn’t have to be. Below are some key steps you can take to ensure your product marketing strategy is successful and leads to better sales.
Do thorough market research and know your audience
So you have a great idea for a product. But, who is this great idea for? Are your customer pain points being addressed in its design? Does your product offer a solution to their pain points.
These are all vital questions you and your team need to ask yourselves before launching your product. Take the time to do high-quality and thorough market research that addresses.
What your customers want
Their pain points
Your competitors.

Develop an effective content marketing strategy

One of the key elements of product marketing lies in .Great content can help you inform, educate, and build trust with customers who are interested in learning more about your products and services. Content such as blog posts, videos, webinars, case studies, e-book and white papers should all be included in your product marketing strategy. Don’t believe content marketing is that big a deal? New statistics show that over  o people purchase a product or service as a result of content marketing.Considering how cost-effective content marketing is BY Lists and how easy it can be to implement on your websites, social media pages, and other platforms, it would be a mistake not to develop a content marketing strategy for your product.

5 Ways to Supercharge Revenue with

Are you looking to boost your revenue with interactive content? Fortunately, Ion Sell-Side Experiences from Rock Content is just the ticket! Discover how your marketing and sales teams can supercharge your revenue with customized content your audience will love.
Rock Content Writer
Content writer.
Apr 20 | 7 min read
lead qualification checklist
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Although all types of marketing are essential for promoting your brand, content marketing practices often get the most traction and have the most impact.
Not only can you drive more traffic to your website, but you can boost your SEO tactics in the process.
However, while all content marketing is valuable, interactive content is a step above the rest. Instead of relying on the user receiving information passively, interactive content invites them to be a part of the experience.
Engagement drives conversions, which leads to stronger sales and a better bottom line.
Fortunately, Ion Sell-Side Experience from Rock Content is designed to make interactive content easier.
Now, you can create valuable content that helps your marketing and sales teams align.

is Ion Sell-Side Experience

Ion is an all-in-one interactive content platform that aligns all of your departments under a single umbrella. On the marketing side, your team can create engaging pieces like.
Interactive Infographics
Then, as your audience uses this content, you can capture plenty of insightful data. Each action is logged within the system, making it easy for both marketing and sales teams to view how users are engaging with each piece.
Best of all, Ion Sell-Side allows you to utilize multiple content pieces within the same funnel. As a consequence, you have more control over the customer’s journey from start to finish.
By getting this kind of bird’s-eye view of the process, it’s much easier for sales reps to reach out to leads and create meaningful interactions based on what they’ve done already.
Ion works for ongoing content marketing and SEO, and it can be deployed for specific campaigns. Once you realize the Ws Data revenue potential of Ion, you’re sure to get extra creative with its possibilities.
Screenshot Ion Sell-Side Assessment Home Page
5 Ways to Supercharge Revenue by Using Ion Sell-Side Experience
Understanding the basics of Ion Sell-Side Experience is only the beginning. As you familiarize yourself with the platform, it’ll be much easier to see how it can generate sales. Here are five ways to maximize your ROI with Ion Sell-Side.
1- Create a cohesive marketing and sales strategy
All too often, companies struggle because of the disconnect between their marketing and sales departments. On the one hand, marketing teams are there to promote the brand and specific products or services.
Basically, marketing reps are the ones making promises.

Gather more personalized data from your audience

Now, targeted marketing can make it much easier to convert a lead into a sale.
However, for niche marketing to work, you need to know as much about your audience as possible. Fortunately, Ion Sell-Side makes that a breeze, thanks to the way its interactive content works.
On the customer side of things, taking a quiz or survey can be fun and rewarding. In some cases, the reward may be literal in the form of free products or discounts for participation.
On the marketing and sales side, both departments can see how users interact with the content and make decisions accordingly.
For example, if one content piece is getting BY Lists the most engagement, the marketing team can focus their attention on refining that piece or creating similar types of content.

5 Better Ways to Hire Freelancers

Workana is a popular freelancing site that has its pros and cons. This guide will help you understand the best Workana alternatives to hire better freelancers.
Rock Content Writer
Content writer.
Apr 20 | 4 min read
workana alternatives
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Workana is a freelancing website that helps connect people to qualified freelancers in many fields. However, there are some drawbacks that may make a few users look for an alternative platform.
For example, Workana doesn’t have many payment options, which can make it hard for you to pay freelancers the way you want. It also lacks customer support, which makes it difficult to get answers to questions and work with a team.
If you want to find the best freelancers and attract top talent, then you should consider alternatives to Workana.
In this list, we’ll help you explore your different options and give you insight into which platforms might be a better fit for your needs than Workana.
5 Top Freelance Writer Marketplaces

5 Top Freelance Writer Marketplaces

The first alternative to consider is WriterAccess, a content marketing service that puts your needs first.
While Workana can connect you with a wide variety of freelancers, WriterAccess has a strong focus on content strategy and content production. With the help of WriterAccess, you can find specialized writers for your industry and create exceptional content for your needs.
Customers of WriterAccess like that Whatsapp Data you can work with the customer support team to find writers and don’t have to manage your account alone.
They also like the direct access to writers that you don’t find on many other freelancing platforms. You can also save information like briefs and files for writers to access on their own time.
Specialized in content creation and production, but offer services of strategy and design
Wide range of pricing for budgeting
Self-serve portal for placing orders
Can take time to try out different writers
More qualified writers will charge more per word
No mobile app for on-the-go management
Pricing varies for each project based on the word count and what you are paying per word. There is also a monthly fee for a Basic or a Pro plan, but you can get a free 14-day trial to see how the platform can work for your needs.


Finding a great freelancer can be difficult. Content marketplaces and freelance platforms can help you connect with qualified, highly skilled writers and freelance professionals who are able to help your business grow. While Workana is an option, there are some better solutions to consider as you search for the BY Lists best-fit freelancer for your business.
At WriterAccess, we help you connect with vetted content creators who can help you scale your content production and grow your business.

5 Ways To Outsource Content

If you want the best freelance writer for your business, Contently may be one of the more well-known options, but is it the best? There are actually quite a few alternatives, including WriterAccess, TextBroker, and Exploring other content delivery sites can help your business thrive.
Rock Content Writer
Content writer.
Apr 20 | 5 min read
contently alternatives
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One of the best ways to market your business is through content marketing. By developing customized blog posts, white papers, e-books, and more, you can attract more traffic to your website and increase your conversion rate.
When developing a content marketing strategy, you’ll likely need to outsource much of the writing to a professional copywriter.

5 Top Freelancer Writer Marketplaces

Although we’re covering the top five options, there are far more platforms out there. However, while you could go with a lesser-known content delivery website, you likely won’t be able to attract the best writers from them.
So, if you’re looking for high-quality deliverables, these five options are suitable alternatives to Contently.
1. WriterAccess
Screened proven talent
If you want more control over who can write your content, WriterAccess is the best choice.
This Whatsapp Number List platform helps you connect with the best writers from around the world, thanks to the power of AI. No, you won’t be getting AI-generated content. Instead, WriterAccess takes a sample of some writing you like and then uses AI to find writers with the same.
Best of all, you can curate a list of writers you like by browsing their profiles and communicating with them through the platform.
By setting up a “love list,” you can post content outlines and be sure that the piece will be written by someone you like. Alternatively, you can assign articles to a specific writer and communicate with them about exactly what you want.
Finally, whereas Contently can charge exorbitant rates for its content, you can either set your price range or ask for writers to submit their rates.
This flexibility ensures you can still get high-quality material at a more affordable rate. Plus, because you also have access to a wide variety of content marketing tools, you can kick your next campaign into high gear almost immediately.

Get Professional Results

WriterAccess has all the tools and resources you need to develop a comprehensive content marketing strategy today. With a massive pool of talented writers at your fingertips, you can get top-quality content without having to spend a fortune as you would with Contently.Our proven system of AI sourcing and vetted writers allows you to get the writing your brand needs faster and more reliably. You’re in the BY Lists driver’s seat, so how far and how fast can your business grow. Start aand find out.

AI-Powered Bing May Replace Google as Samsung’s Default Search Engine

Samsung users may soon see AI-Enhanced Bing replace Google as the default search engine on their favorite devices. But will it actually happen, and what do digital marketers need to know.
Vanessa Dias
Apr 20 | 4 min read
Samsung is switching from Google to Bing
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If you’re a long-time Samsung user, you’re undoubtedly used to your devices coming complete with Google installed as the default search engine, and with good reason. Google has been the search standard to beat for years now, so much so that its name has become synonymous with the idea of using a search engine in the first place.
But that was before AI-powered alternatives like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and the new Bing AI Search came along. Those options have definitely been grabbing headlines, but they’ve also inspired large numbers of Google users to consider them further.
Now it’s beginning to look like some of Google’s longest-standing partners may be thinking the same way. For example, The New York Times just announced that longtime Google partner Samsung could be looking to switch the default search engine on all its devices to Bing. But how likely is that to happen, and what should the digital marketing sector know about the possibility..

Likely Is Samsung to Switch to Bing

As previously stated in The New York Times, Samsung has not expressly stated the reasons they’re considering a switch. However, many reasonably assume it’s due to the Whatsapp Database huge strides Bing has taken within just a few short months.
The efficiency of the new Bing, combined with the booming popularity of AI tools, has given Google the type of stiff competition it hasn’t had in years (if ever). Alphabet Inc. stock values have fallen while Microsoft’s have risen. And now Google may lose a partnership worth multiple billions of dollars.
However, it remains to be seen whether this is likely to happen. At present, negotiations between Samsung and Google are still ongoing regarding the renewal of their current contract.
What Is Google Doing in Response.
Google has been responding to recent advancements, including the improved strength of competitor Bing, by brainstorming new advancements of its own. One was the introduction of Google Bard, Google’s own answer to the current AI search trend.
However, the search engine giant is also developing another AI-enhanced search option, currently codenamed Magi. According to sources, this latest incarnation of Google will deliver a more personalized user experience by anticipating the searcher’s needs and will likely build on the experience already offered by Bard.

Does All This Mean for Marketers

In many ways, search engines are already delivering a lot of the information searchers need right there on the SERP instead of requiring them to click through to a website every time. As AI technology and advanced features continue to shape search engines, the possibility of a “zero-click” world gets greater, so marketers should plan for that.Ultimately, the BY Lists  possibility that Samsung is considering partnering with Bing over Google is a sign that the world of SEO is evolving. Marketers everywhere should prepare by staying on top of industry news and prioritizing key factors like user experience moving forward.